Showcase Global/net/web, IOS, Intra/Inter, world/Ledger / New Internet. Even netsystems.

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    I think this could be a future traffic site, with company branding on the medium to lower side. None the less, I had to grab it.
    Maybe a platform that allows you t utilise the tools provided by a quantum network.
    The superannuation industry, currently 4th larest in the world, and our population is only small in australis, will grom from 3 trillion to 10 trillion by 2035... that's only 15 years. It will be admired by the world. SMSF allow people to manage their own retirement funds, as opposed to having the balance invested in an investment option / managed fund / of their choice.
    Again, Google announcing Quantum Supremacy, A company or news source may want this name as quantum supremacy begins to change the world

    Somewhere to find all the worlds cryptoassets, purchase tokens, coins, securities all at the one place... one Interledger and Hyperledger have a well organised blockchain payment and technology ecosystem.
    Validating payments on the blockchain usings hyperledger standards may be done by this name haha.
    I chose this because I can see central authority and the barriers to market entry climbing, to the point that a monopoly over development becomes the standard. Like Google for search.
    Quantum Supremecy announced by Google, IBM announces world first commercial quantum computer early Jan. I can see quantum computing being a thing...
    Blockchain is building the new web, and a start-up, probably 1-2k for it within 10 yr. Maybe.
    Interledger protocol is an international standard organisational behind standardizing payments on blockchain technology.
    Interledger protocol network is made up of many nation entities and will essentially be the central body for standardizing payments made on blockchain. ISO
    Hyperledger protocol standardizes technology interoperability, avoiding international fragmentation of tech services. Allows for interconnectedness and interdependence of blockchain tech, from wallets, smart contracts to exchanges, on a global level. ISO
    This one is purely speculative. No idea of its worth.
    This one is purely speculative. No idea of its worth.
    Going to be a great news source. Like having WorldBank/FOREX Media, but different as payment instruments have different characteristics so more coverage from one source.
    As blockchain tech interoperability evolves to a national standard, hyperledger makes this possible. A wallet offered by say The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS)or blockchain is kind of the equivalent.
    Cryptoasset Industry is projected to grow at 17% until 2016, going from 200 to 600 whatever dollars. The networks providing banking, credit, funding, charity, insurance, investments is going to liberate a lot of people. The networks will be important, so consulting for this name.
    Internetworking is coming of importance as tech interoperability and compatability develops, (facebook connecting with twitter or your work account @ GoDaddy registry on the intranet. <- valuable
    This one is worth coin.
    A lot of people were hating on this, but when all networks are mainstream, it'll be a centrestage for service connection subject to business needs. Questionnaire, and advised network based on needs.
    Maybe a coin/token/currency marketplace for the retail resellere. Directory for all coins, exchanges, protocols, smart contracts that have become monetized due to the value from their use. Tokenized Smart Contracts, there's a thought.
    Computer network sold for $100,000. I like owning it because it's similar.
    Intercnnection bebtween consortiums and chains will be paramount if the technology is to have a future. It's happening, and so this domain could be for a consulting firm connecting SME and business to various chains, subject to service needs.
    This one was just a shot in the dark. Quantum will be all the rage over the time.
    Elon Musk has announced FCCA approval to launce 7000+ satelites, improve bandwidth so we can connect with AI. Be useful to AI. A step towards the singularity.

    Web-Network security, research and development... also Sounds cool.
    I just love this name. I think businesses in AUS will over the years. Fingers crossed for a 1-2k grab. Looks good on my marketplace too.
    I'm not sure what to do with this one.
    Never been registered before. I like that.

    *This was a purchase for my marketplace. These are all at least 10 yr holds, given the time it'll take for the tech architecture, and infrastructure, to attract institutional investment, then move to commercial layers. It'll cost me $2,800 to hold them for the 10 years... Easy Done!
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    Global / Net / World Domains

    * BlueGlob

    * Globcy * Globive

    * HyperDux

    * McBlu * McOrb

    * PeakSphere

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