Showcase Domains you want offers/bids on to Push to Auction or is an Auction Already!

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    Hello NP,
    It's again. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy you and your families during this pandemic.

    In an effort to consolidate threads and streamline and because of the success of both threads below (Stats shown for each). I welcome all to come here from now one and submit all your domains ANYWHERE whether it's at Sedo or Godaddy or Namejet or Flippa that you would like to push that offer to auction.

    I have not been following up with the latest changes with the different platforms so perhaps this scheme won't work anymore. As far as I know offers on Sedo can be pushed to auction. Why would anyone do this? Simple. To avoid the upfront flat fee just to start an auction at Sedo. If this is no longer the case please confirm.

    Same goes with Godaddy or Flippa or Namejet.

    The thread below was pretty popular in the external domain and website sales section with 13,797 views and 308 replies. I would like to delete this thread and keep this new one instead.


    I will not delete the thread below until this thread reaches 13,797 views.
    And trust me. I won't be one of these people who will inflate their thread views by just bumping the thread daily. The thread below got to 308 replies people people actually posted on it. This is what I'd like for this thread.

    Increasing these numbers is as much for YOU as it is for ME to get more EXPOSURE for YOUR DOMAINS.

    Makes sense? Think about it. All people really care about these days is the high numbers to stir curiousity and make them wanna come here and check this thread out. It's human name. UNDERSTOOD?

    So please post your domains here instead of the one below.

    I WILL DELETE the THREAD BELOW ONCE THIS THREAD BEATS it's 13,797 views or whatever it is after this and it's 308 replies or whatever it is after this post.

    The same goes for the thread below which had had 1,099 views and and 23 replies.

    It's pretty amazing how many views this innocent little thread I created back in 2017 has gotten and to be honest I haven't even checked it since recently.

    Checking it now it is the third highest viewed external domain and website sales page on Namepros.

    That has to mean something yea?

    Keep in mind if you check. in the thread I did not try to "lazy bump" the thread just to boost the reply numbers. People were actually exchanging ideas and posting their domains on there.

    So this new thread? Think of it as a CONSOLIDATION of BOTH threads.

    You are still welcome to post on both if you like. Free world yea? But I'd appreciate if you all begin from now on post all your domains at all the platforms here.


    I even welcome registrars and domain auction platforms themselves to post here.

    Why should you post here?

    1. You don't want to pay $59 to Sedo just to start an auction for your awesome domain.
    2. You don't want to pay to start an auction at Godaddy (if they still do that. I haven't checked. Please confirm. Either way. This is still a great place to ask for your fellow domainers to help you out and bid on your domain. When you help domainers here and they know. They will be more prone in the future to do business with you and maybe buy domains or if you buy from them. They'll remember you did them a favor and bid on their auctions. Even if you did not end up winning the domain auction.)
    3. Your domain at Namejet has no bids but it's a great domain. Here's your chance to request someone here to bid. Your are doing them a service by letting them know.
    4. Your domain at Flippa with a starting bid of $1 has no bids but you feel it's a great domain worth way more $1 and you know someone will bid $1 last minute and steal it. You are doing others a service by letting them know here.
    5. If none of thee above matters to you then here's is the BIGGEST BENEFIT for posting here. Even paid members have a limit of 6 threads in the External Domain and Websites Sales section.

    THIS THREAD EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES that. So even if you have a not paid for a membership you now have an option to show an unlimited amount of domains you have at auction externally IN THIS THREAD.

    People questioned my other 2 threads and why they were necessary.

    #5 here really is the ULTIMATE REASON you should appreciate and frequent this there more and post here. your external domain auctions. is giving you this GIFT from it's own 6 allowed paid thread allotments on NP. could be using this for it's own domain auctions. Instead it has kindly sacrificed it for all Namepros users.

    A little thank you (and perhaps following is kindly appreciated especially if any domains listed here gets a sold for big money.

    Not Mandatory. But very appreciated.

    I'd appreciate it too if you guys can follow my social media accounts.
    If you do may promote your domains on a case by case basis.
    Ask me for details.

    So what's that domain you want to showcase that you want offers or bids on for the EXPRESS purpose to SEND TO AUCTION or is ALREADY ON AUCTION?

    Feel free to post.

    Instructions are simple
    1. No Shill Bidding. All Shill bids will be reported to their respective venues.
    (More instructions to come. But basically the instructions will be the same from the first two original threads)

    If you have no domains to share yet feel free to like this post and just pick one of the premade posts below.

    1. I like this idea! I'm in!
    2. This idea sucks!
    3. Great idea. I'll be posting my domains soon.
    4. Great Idea. I'll follow you on Namepros and all your other social media accounts.
    5 Great Idea. What's your Twitter?
    6. Great Idea What's your Linkedin?
    7. Great idea. What's your Instagram?
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