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I have a quick question... as you know, some parking companies are allowing to setup an external link on top of the parking pages to be able to sell the parked domain in somewhere else such as afternic, sedo, etc.

You are also allowed to setup a totally different place such as which may be even your own personal site.

What if, I sell this spot to a company and charge a fee and list this company's site at the top of the parking page as an external link. Is this against TOS?

I'm not intending to sell the domain at all. I just want to enjoy this flexibility for an extra income, which may easily add up to serious revenue.
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You would have to read the TOS or simply ask the parking company in question.
I guess it would be again the TOS. This is for sale link and not an ad space. Furthermore, I can not really imagine, why the hell would somebody buy an ad space with keywords Buy This Domain and than would promote toothpaste.
why the hell would somebody buy an ad space with keywords Buy This Domain and than would promote toothpaste.

Some parking companies are allowing you to setup your own text other than "Buy This Domain".
I can setup "The Best Toothpaste" as a text instead of "Buy This Domain" and when somebody clicks on this link, s/he can be directed to the toothpaste company.

Charging the toothpaste company for such a favor is my responsibility. The parking company is totally out of this picture.

However, I'm still OK if the parking company wants to take care of such a transaction by operating a marketplace and asking for a 25%-75% split of the proceeds.

I didn't find anything against this in TOS of my current parking company (correct me if I overlooked). I've even contacted with them to confirm this, however I've received some mixed signals. Meaning, they've said they don't control the external links.

At the end of the day, when you build a website you can place both adsense ads and special banners requested by the others at the same time.
I believe at the end, you should address this question to specific parking company in question. I am sure your account manager can reply to you with clear answer if you ask him/her. I am just in doubt how you could promote this parking space to interested party, since sending all of them to parked page could result in unnatural behaviour of traffic. By sending them screenshots?
I'm not planning an active promotion. Also promotion is going to be a passive activity.

As you are aware, some level of the traffic is from the companies who are just curious and want to find out what is really being promoted on the related domain name of the sector that they are already operating in. Or they are just looking for a domain name for their product/service. Meeting up with the possible advertisers will be totally by coincidence.

When such companies visit the parking pages by coincidence, they will see my note at the top of the page saying that "Advertise Here". And a form will popup and they will get in touch with me.

This is the plan I have in my mind.

As I said above, maybe the parking company can create such a module and they organize everything in return they cut some of the add revenue for themselves. I'm OK with this.

Recently, I've been seriously thinking of this idea as a doable idea. Parking companies should consider this idea seriously. Or at least, they should try to impose such a flexibility to the "upstream feed provider" when they are renewing their contracts with them IF this is not allowed as of now.

I believe I have a chance to rent such areas at my parking pages to at least 10-15 companies for 30-100 USD/month each. This is the money slipping thru my hands which I don't like. I'm sure nobody would.

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