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Turnkey Selling Websites from Personal Projects due to time constraints -



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Selling Websites from Personal Projects due to time constraints - VPN, Hosting and Blog Businesses!

Selling some of my Websites/Businesses due to time constraints!

Make an Offer on the Website you like in Pm!


Website 1:

Description: VPN-hosting Business
Minimum Price: 1500 or Offer
BIN: 1500 or Offer
Domain Registrar: Dynadot (Free push)
Domain Expiry: 2022/01/30
Revenue: 0usd/month
Traffic: 0/day


Extensive technical documentation regarding how to setup and run a VPN business.
It includes around 46 pages in word. This is not some-guide that floats around the internet. All of it was written by me.
The documentation contains topics such as:
How to create your own VPN network (Linux Server-side)
Configuring WHMCS
Configuring OpenVPN
General VPN Business Stuff
VPN Reseller Business
Cross-Platform VPN App Documentation

----VPN App----

A cross-platform VPN application created by me that is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. It is easy to maintain and customize.
You can download and test:
Contact me for a test account.

VPN App Features:

Works on Windows, Mac, Linux
Supports any OpenVPN setup
Supports both TCP & UDP protocol (and any other OpenVPN option in the configuration:
Unlimited servers
Server/Country/City search/filter
Displays status changes during connection (Connecting, Connected, Disconnecting, Auth Failed)
Displays Server IP, Status, Uptime, Sent, Received
Only login once in the app, the app remembers your login
Pinging each server and the app shows the fastest response
Kill Switch (Hard connection kill)
Pull .ovpn files remotely from the webserver
Full Source Code
Clean Code
No Server Side Requirements!


You will get the following with the purchase:

All website files with complete and good design (HTML landing and server page + WordPress blog section + WHMCS billing)
Domain will be transferred to you
Server page list generator script (Generates entire server page based on your current OpenVPN servers)
Unique HTML new account email when customers sign up
Cross-platform VPN app with source
Extensive SEO and keyword research
Extensive Documentation (46 Pages in Word)

Assume that this website is more of a working technical demo than an active business.


You can get further info by Visiting the Websites.

Payment Options:
-SEPA or ACH (Bank Payment)
-Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
-Middleman services ( or other)
-Anything else
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