Scam Alert: $25,000 Offer to purchase domain

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    So here's the 2nd e-mail I just received after responding to an inquiry on one of my .COM domain names. It came from "Satchico Ishikawa", Vice President of CPI AD Hosting Inc., Tokyo, Japan using the e-mail account [email protected].

    Our commission is 6 %. The commission is divided between you and the buyer as 50%/50% and paid after you get the money.

    The buyer offers $25,000 USD. If it's not enough please let me know and we will negotiate.

    He will pay you money via Authorize Net Domain Escrow in partnership with escrow.com. They support buyers from Asia and it's important for my buyer. They will convert his payment into USD or EUROS to send you the payment. The escrow supports many payment methods and you will be able to receive your money easily.

    Do you have a domain certificate? It's required by the buyer's bank because we have a strict anti money laundering law in our country. Such big payments cannot be sent abroad without legal documents (domain certificate in our case) that confirms you are the real owner, your domain has no restrictions and price is near the market value.

    The certificate must include the following to be accepted by the buyer's bank:
    - Ownership verification (the certification agency must confirm you are a legal owner).
    - Legal verification (proves the domain has no problems with trademarks or other problems with the law in the buyer's country).
    - Restriction verification (the domain must not be pledged or sold to third parties).
    - The certificate must be up to date (issued during last 30 days)
    - Copy of the certificate in Japanese/Chinese/Korean (required by the buyer's bank).
    - The certification agency must be authorized by my buyer and his bank.

    There is no other way for you and us to finish the sale. The payment to you will be made via escrow service to protect both parties during the transaction.

    You can read about certification agency that is accepted by banks, comply with our anti money laundering law and supports a copy in our local language at Google Answers: http://no_url_shorteners/2BByArf (I've made short form of the long Google Answers link. “Domain Broker” is my nickname).

    The process is very easy (you can do everything online in several minutes):

    1. Go to the certificate agency site accepted by my client and order the certificate. The service recommended at Google Answers is accepted by the buyer's bank (they support Japanese/Chinese/Korean and English languages).

    2. After they approve your request please make the payment. The certificate will be sent to your email within several hours. Send the certificate to me and we will start the sale process the same day.

    Our company takes care about you as a seller. There is no risk for you to lose the money after ordering the certificate even if something goes wrong. The recommended certification agency won't send you the payment instructions if your domain has some legal problems.

    They also provide full money back guarantee if you don't sell your domain vie their escrow service within 15 days so you will never waste your money.

    If you are new to the certification process or unsure which certification agency to use, I can help you with the step by step instructions how to order a proper certificate online.
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    cpi-ad-jp.info. << THIS
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    Oh yea! Got this same email a few weeks ago--for 40,000 USD. They want you to use a certificate service of their choosing and all this and that. Then when you email them back the email bounces. Scammity scam, scam, scam!
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    call fbi
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    old news, search the forum. :cigar:
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    Got the same offer a few months ago. It's all about the certificate. You should tell them you already have the certificate and send this link for "verification".

    or this link

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    Tell them you only deal with end users. If someone really wanted your domain they would contact you directly.

    I recently blew off a company that made 4 attempts to purchase a domain from me. The red tape was just stupid. I told them I was not a lawyer and was in the business of selling not red tape. I then said if your client is truly interested have them contact me one to one.

    These middle men annoy me to no end and usually end up being a scam.

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