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I am looking to sell a fully working SaaS with users. The site has a couple trial users but no revenue yet since I just launched it a week ago and haven't done much marketing: https://savesuppliers.com

You can use [email protected] and password 101209 to check it out.

Ever since starting with ecommerce the struggle to find reliable suppliers with quick shipping was the main problem for me to scale. I spent countless of hours trying to research products and suppliers without getting much results outside of Aliexpress. This is why I compiled the biggest database for dropshipping suppliers based in the USA or Europe to ship your products.

Each one has direct contact information like emails and phone numbers listed so you can get in touch with them. This will not only save you a shit ton of time, but actually help you to grow a sustainable business with quick shipping times as no customer will wait 2 weeks to receive their product. You can also use it to start an Amazon FBA business and buy the products wholesale to get shipped by Amazon, personally this has been a step up for me and I had a much bigger success that way, it comes with higher upfront costs though.

20 users signed up in trial mode, no paid one yet.

Starting bid $300.
Increments of $10
Reg'd at Namecheap.com through 8/2023

Auction lasts 72 hours after final bid.
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