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  1. ::: Review System :::

    Q. What happened to the iTrader system?
    A. The iTrader system was replaced with our NEW review system, which provides the same basic functionality of exchanging feedback between members.

    Q. What is the review system?
    A. The review system is designed so members can provide detailed feedback about business they conducted with another member. It's important use the feedback system honestly so that any future members can see an accurate track record of a members business ethics.

    Q. How / When should I use the feedback system?
    A. Every time you conduct business with another member you should use the feedback system to rate the transaction. Using the feedback system helps alert other members about the ethics of a user. Try to add as much detail as possible when ever giving a feedback review. Please don't leave fake feedback. That will normally result in YOUR account receiving disciplinary actions and possible account closure for abusing the feedback system.

    Q. Where do I go to leave feedback for a member?
    A. There are 2 places you can leave feedback. 1. You can click the username of the member you did business with to the left of the deal thread post and a popup window will appear with a "Leave Feedback" link. 2. You can visit a members profile and click on their Feedback / Review tab. Then click the "Leave Feedback" link. Note: You MUST enter a deal thread to url so that a transaction can be referenced along with the feedback review.

    Trade Reviews - Learn more:
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