Reddit: What's the most personal thing you're willing to share with us? #MentalHealth

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    πŸ‘‹ Stumbled upon this thread on reddit (front page USA), and wanted to open it up for discussion here. πŸ‘‹

    People from all over their world discussing personal issues, and receiving responses from others in a similar boat. You may be the only one experiencing <insert problem here> in your local or relative area, but not likely the world.

    <rant> I think the anonymity of reddit works for this discussion. Excluding those who have FIrstNameLastName usernames, there are some who publicly connect their usernames to their personal identity, and there are those who don't. Either way, it is a first level of privacy that enables discussion. </rant>
















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  2. I am a lying SOB when it comes to sharing personal secrets on the internet.

    Whenever someone asks me to share a personal secret on the internet. I try and post a bullsh*t story (Like current one) and bail out.
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    Why do you think that is?


    I tend to take the silent approach. Envious of those who feel free enough to express themselves so openly.

    FWIW: The reddit thread wasn't necessarily asking for one to share a personal secret. As by definition, secret = not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. When I think of personal secret, I think of exacts that could be used to answer security questions. When online, it's always a good idea to de-classify personal information.

    As in optimized bullsh*t? Sorta like Hollywood?

    Sometimes the best stories are the, Nahhhh you didn't do that, but it'd be cooler if you did!

    Usually happens after one gets punk'd, and has nothing to say in response. Then when he retells the story he twists the ending from him getting punk'd to him punking the other dude.

    And then I said, "XXXXXXXX."

    You really said that?

    "Nah, but I thought about saying that after I walked away"... I mean Yeah. I said that!
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  5. I don’t blow smoke up peoples asses when they ask real personal questions, I just don’t answer.

    Some of the reveals I have seen posted on social media are mind blowing, totally mind blowing.

    I think some people become very complacent with social media sites, so much so they loose their f*cking mind and start telling all, and I think in their mind, they feel as if they are getting compassion and kudos from people who really give a f*ck.

    I read a post on a site where this man and woman had broken up after 8 years, one problem!! They had never met each other in person! So these two people actually believed they were together for 8 years, what do I say to that? Smoke a f*cking bowl and watch cartoons and form a relationship with a cartoon character, same thing IMO
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