RealtyWinery/com Seedradar/com BravePills/com

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  1. Jeremyah

    Jeremyah Established Member

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    Hi Guys !

    As I said in my presentation thread I'm a newbie in the domain world. I've spend hours and hours to read and fill sheets with some useful informations to me and I continue.

    So I decided to of invest some money in 3 new domains.

    RealtyWinery/com Seedradar/com BravePills/com

    I would like to hear what you all think,


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  2. BrandPlease

    BrandPlease VIP Gold Account

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    Maybe you could help with a little context as to who was the target end-user/business that would benefit from these brands that you had in mind at purchase?

    Maybe you could post some of the research you did into keyword volume (free from Google) or estimated "exact match" traffic (free on Estibot).

    Or maybe some of the recent sales you were using as a reference - free on NameBio

    Post some additional detail and I think we could offer some more constructive feedback.
    Good Luck,
  3. Jeremyah

    Jeremyah Established Member

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    Hi, Thanks for your answer !

    I'll focus only on one DN here : SEEDRADAR.

    Considering now it's the most valuable of the three exposed here.

    I wanted to start and grow my portfolio adding DN from different niches and I've seen a real potential on this one.

    Let me show you the recent sales with the "SEED" Keyword : 99,501 USD 2019-08-08 GoDaddy What a big one few days ago waou ! :xf.eek: 281 USD 2019-08-07 GoDaddy 249 USD 2019-08-07 GoDaddy 124 USD 2019-08-07 GoDaddy 104 USD 2019-08-07 GoDaddy 159 USD 2019-07-21 GoDaddy 148 USD 2019-07-16 GoDaddy 259 USD 2019-07-15 NameJet 368 USD 2019-07-14 GoDaddy 311 USD 2019-07-10 GoDaddy

    I like this word, because he has two hight potential meaning in two different type of Business : Seed as a plant producing seed and Seed as a fresh fund, an recent investment looking for a Start-Up for example.

    It's why I see a potential high value for Cannabis / Weed Niche and for Funding / Investment company. The "Radar" word mean for me this : looking for, detection, being attentive to something.

    Someone here can tell me their point of view on this domain, or better, this "keyword" ?

    Thanks !
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