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To be clear I know next to nothing.

I would like to invest in GEO domains.

I have an unregistered domain I found which is GEO + something according to AdWords it returns 5400 results or searches.

Q 1) any value? If possible without knowing name, its one of the higher values I've found.
Q 2) how to take those results?

Hope that's clear newb here any help would be appreciated.
It is hard to say. I realize that you don't want to post the name (and don't) but can you indicate how big the geo market is - like a city of 1 million. Also, without disclosing the name or field, is it something that there would be many hundreds in the city (like say accountants or dentists) or something pretty rare (like chimney sweeps)?

BTW welcome to NPs @Darl !

When you say 5400 Google results, that is with both the geo term and the term itself? Also is that with using a + so that only pages with both terms are shown. i.e. a Google search for < +elephant +soup> only shows me pages with both elephant and soup. (57 results for my search here in Canada by the way, I should tell Heinz :xf.grin:)