Python or asp ???

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  1. abellasmith

    abellasmith New Member

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    hello friends ... which should one learn python or asp for web development ???
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  2. DJSquared

    DJSquared Established Member

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    If you had to choose out of those two, it would be ASP.

  3. Hobnob

    Hobnob Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Both Python and ASP are well suited for web development. However choosing one language over another truly depends on the type of website you need to create.

    Python is a scripting language that can be utilized to accomplish a plethora of things; including website development. In fact Google's App Engine platform has amazing support for creating and hosting web applications written in python.

    The only tricky thing with python (assuming you are not using a specialized host) is that it's a bit difficult to get up and running. For example, it is not recommended to run python scripts using simple CGI, for reasons that I recommend you research. Therefor you have the added complication of learning mod-python, FCGI, or some other alternative.

    The benefit that ASP offers here is that it is geared toward web development. Therefor you do not have to worry about the best was to serve your applications. Another added benefit that ASP offers to novices is Microsoft's development environments. Because they are geared for web development creating forms and pages as well as utilizing AJAX elements and handling data is very simple, and for the most part can be done using a graphical interface.

    The drawback of ASP is that you have to have a windows hosting solution.

    Putting my own prejudice aside, why not consider PHP?

    Either way, I think you should decided what type of website you want to create.

    However, to give you my affirmative answer, if you are just trying to learn something new I would choose Python.
  4. BrandonG

    BrandonG Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Hobnob is entirely correct. ASP is viable and built to develop the web. Python is a general purpose language that IS viable for web development however a bit more complicated. You would need a gateway language to integrate it into your website, or a web framework such as works. Python would be a great choice if you're looking to learn a new language as it could serve many purposes and is fairly easy to learn, but I would definitely recommend ASP(Or even PHP) if you're looking to learn website development.

    There are plenty of web applications and websites that have been developed in python, though, if you want to give it a try.
  5. DU

    DU Secret Santa VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    How and why did you narrow it down to the two choices?
  6. Brian2011

    Brian2011 Established Member

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    I've been using ASP for years and it's a very robust language. Quite easy to build dynamic database-driven websites with it as well. Only thing is, it's getting a bit old now and if I were you I'd look into ASP.NET as this is the way forward.

    Studying classic ASP first will give you a good grounding before studying .NET I have learnt a lot from the W3 schools website (google it)so go take look. They have example scripts that you can play with online - saves you a lot of time!
  7. NetOctave

    NetOctave VIP Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Why not learn both. Python does not take much time to learn and you will find more references / frameworks online that will make it easier to write better python codes.
  8. David Dakarai

    David Dakarai New Member

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    ASP is better than python.
  9. djdeth

    djdeth VIP Member VIP Trusted Contest Holder ★★★★★★★★★★

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    ASP is WAY outdated. However, there are people that still need ASP programmers as it is a dying language and some people don't like to move on.

    If I were to pick between ASP.NET or Python (I wouldn't choose either in a perfect world) I would learn Python and the Django framework. The reason why I would do this is because there is a huge demand for these types of people. They are much more uncommon than ASP.NET programmers.
  10. AndrewDee

    AndrewDee Established Member

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    I would go for .NET over Python. I'm a .NET programmer myself as it happens, but my advice is based on this: there are more .NET jobs out there (at least in the UK).

    It's pretty absurd to say ASP is way outdated, when it's constantly being updated.

    My personal bet is that Node.JS will become more relevant than both Python and .NET over the next 3/4/5 years (for web development, that is), but we're not there....yet!

    At the end of the day, you have to make yourself relevant and ignore what the evangelists are telling you - this is what pays the bills. Search the job boards, search google trends, stay relevant, and have fun coding :)
  11. Timothy Carambat

    Timothy Carambat Established Member

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    .NET is still very popular and you can easily find jobs left and right for knowing it and being able to develop in it.

    Python is awesome for scripting and i use it for any kind of one file tasks that need to be done, but i do not use it for web applications. To me, python exceeds at a "tasking" language. If deploying on the web there are a ton of other options then .NET or python. If building a simple script - python. If building a webapp .NET.

    This, of course, is subject to the developer since some people are just vastly more proficient in certain languages, but just because you have a hammer doesn't mean everything is a nail. Know when tools are appropriate and what to use them for is half the battle!

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