NameSilo and profiting from malware

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    I was considering redacting the domain for this but I figured it would give the discussion more clarity to leave it in.

    The domain is in the drops this week at GoDaddy and it seems it is receiving a large amount of traffic. The kind of traffic that would likely make any new owner a lot of parking dollars.

    On research however it appears that all this traffic comes from a known malware which redirects users to the domain.

    What are the legalities of purchasing this domain to make money on that traffic? Would this be considered proceeds of crime or is this a grey area?
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    Are you saying that you would be ok profiting from the distress of others?

    I once happened to own such a name.. brought me around $150-$200/day or so.
    Once I realised what it was, I quickly asked all the parking services to blacklist it (as in to not accept it in their listings anymore) and let it drop without nameservers on.

    The number of emails I received from people that they had their PCs going haywire was unbelievable.
    Imo, you should re-consider trying to own such a name.

    In answering your question, in the few days the domain was parked and the rest of the days I owned it, no-one bothered me.
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    Thanks for the comment. Interesting to hear your experience.

    I was going to mention the ethics of it but I figured that was a completely different topic. I'm not specifically looking at owning this domain I was just interested in the legal side of it.

    Hypothetically speaking you would certainly want the domain to remain private otherwise some angry emails would be flying in, just as you experienced.
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    Or you can do this - Add a tutorial on the domain on How to remove that malware and add Adsense ads (or not) on it. You could also add a disclaimer that it was previously owned by someone else but now you own it and want to help them remove the malware. If it was not you who created the malware, or spread it on their computers, IMO you should be fine.
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