Prospecting Tools to Seal Your Next Domain Deal

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    One of the most challenging aspects of domain investing second to mastering the "right" domains to buy is learning how to efficiently find and convert domain buyers for given domains.

    There are a number of prospecting tactics and techniques — Email marketing, Social media, Cold calling, Search engines to name a few — attempted with varying degrees of "success" based on the person orchestrating such activities and many other considerations.

    While I often use Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (in given order) to research buyers inquiring about purchasing domains I own, there are a number of other paid and non-paid tools that could prove to be a goldmine for domain investors specializing in outbound domain sales.

    Tune into my most recent podcast as I explore a number of practical tools domain investors should consider when prospecting domain buyers for a given domain or domain portfolio.

    Based on your experience, what practical domain prospecting tools have you discovered to be the most beneficial towards domain sales?
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    Thank you for those tools and strategies i listen to it now ..

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