Pros and cons of running your own DNS server?

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    Hello all,

    I have 40 domains and I'm shopping for Fully-managed VPS hosting co. In my previous hosting experience, the hosting co. ran DNS server and supplied Name Servers, in the form of and, which I'd point to, at my domain name registrar.

    However, in my current search, I'm looking at a hosting co., which does not host DNS, therefore I am required to, since it'll be running on my VPS, which requires me to create a "Hostname", in the form of i.e. The hosting co. system will then create and, which I'd point to, at my domain name registrar.

    What are the pros and cons, of running your own DNS server?
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    IMO there are not so many cons.
    The two aspects to consider are:
    • automation (adding new domains easily, preferably through a GUI and not the command line)
    • redundancy (that means at least two NS on separate subnets and different geographic locations)
    DNS service is like hosting or E-mail service, there are companies that specialize in this because of the issues of reliability and redundancy. You can do it yourself, but a cheap setup is going to be less resilient.
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    I run VPS and web servers all over the world.

    Lately I've gotten into VULTR. Great pricing and easy DNS tools.

    What you can do is this:

    • Set up a VULTR droplet closest to you
    • At the Registry for whatever domain you want to use for your nameservers, ask them to create the host records and, pointed at and respectively, and have them add them as the "Authoritative name servers" for this domain.
    • Add all the domains you want to the VULTR DNS section
    • Then, once your nameserver changes propogate, you can use and as the nameservers for all domains - can do a bulk update and have them all sorted quickly.

    Check one of my sites and projects, The Blockchain Dev. Co - -
    The nameservers point to our and - which are actually just aliases of the VULTR nameservers, and point at our Sydney-hosted VPS, as described above.

    You can also do this with Digital Ocean, same sort of idea.
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    Thanks for information. This is helpful for me.
    Thanks again!

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