ProperInvoice - SaaS Invoicing with iOS and Android Mobile Apps.

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    Product Overview:

    ProperInvoice helps Freelancers, Startups and Small Businesses create and send Invoices and Quotes to customers in under a minute. With ProperInvoice your customers can pay your invoices online. You can also track all your expenses easily. ProperInvoice also helps you monitor key financial metrics of your business in realtime.

    ProperInvoice Features:
    1. Invoice Online
    2. Quote Online
    3. Track Expenses Online
    4. Accept Online Payments
    5. Manage Suppliers, Customers, Your Products and Services
    6. Monitor Key Financial Metrics of your business in Realtime
    7. Get Notified when Invoices are Viewed or Paid
    8. Allow your customers to Accept or Decline quotes online
    9. Automatically remind customers of Pending & Overdue Invoices
    10. Create and Send Recurring Invoices
    11. Automatically record Recurring Expenses
    12. Allow multiple team members to Invoice, Quote and Expense

    13. Customer Portal – Clients can now view, pay, download and action on Invoices, Quotes, Payments and Receipts using a dedicated portal.

    App Store Links:

    iOS -

    Android -

    Technology Used:

    ProperInvoice App is built using PHP and the Laravel 5 framework. The entire site runs on VPS at the moment. This can easily be migrated to a dedicated server or the AWS cloud.

    The iOS and Android Apps are essentially wrapper apps that render the underlying SaaS app that is optimized for mobile.

    Tech Stack is LAMP.


    Assume none at the moment as I have not had any time to dedicate to this after go-live. In the right hands this app could easily generate recurring revenue of $XX,XXX per month.

    This app needs someone with good digital marketing skills to submit to online blogs, SaaS directories etc. Also advertising on FB / Google should bring in good set of new users.


    EUR 50 a month for hosting the site and apps.

    USD 30 a month for MailChimp Email processing

    Whats included in the sale?

    ProperInvoice Site and App

    Mobile Apps

    Social Media Accounts - FB and Twitter will be transferred

    Please PM me incase you have any questions or need any help.

    Demo Account:

    User Name - [email protected]
    Password - test123
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    The price you're expecting?
  3. Hemanttilotia

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    Actually I am developing a product, very similar to that
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    I also was looking for SaaS Invoicing with iOS and Android Mobile Apps. For iOS and Android training you can join CETPA Infotech.

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