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    How & where do you promote your domain listings ? If you have your domains listed on sites such as Sedo, Afternic, Dan etc, how & where do you go about promoting those listings to gain exposure ?

    Outbound marketing & social media being obvious examples but are there any other methods that you have found generate leads & ultimately sales ?
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    I don't think along those lines. I am buying a name that sells itself I park it with own lander I promote this page not another company that is only around to collect commission if your domains are of merit get hosting. Look at developing best.. Ask for the offer.
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    You should point your adverts to your domain portfolio page on those third-party marketplaces.
    You might as well ended up promoting those marketplaces at your own cost.

    To be serious, if you take domaining as business, you should setup your website with your portfolio, forward all your domains to the website and do the promotion. There are many tools available to you. e.g. see my signature below.
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  4. Be sure to utilize namePros external domains and websites for sale forum. It's the only place on namePros you can link to domains for sale at other (3rd party) marketplaces and it's free to do:

    Good luck on your sale.

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