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discuss Problems I am facing in January

This is the 2nd part of the new series I started, where each month, either I will be solving all the problems that newbies are facing, or ask one of the experts here who could solve their problem if I am not the right person to solve it. I know domaining can be hard at times and you have to really scramble to make things work!

Here is how I propose we go about it:

1) What problem you have been facing?
2) What did you do about it and what results did you get?

3) Where are you stuck so that we can try to help?

The objective is, when writing the response to the 2nd question, you would be forced to think if you actually tried solving it yourself. It is a kind of introspection for you and learning for the community.

Happy Domaining! Let's solve the problems together and co-learn!

Shoot your problems!