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    Would you like A Professional Automated Amazon/eBay Affiliate Store? Choose one of our Pre-made Stores or ask us to create one for your chosen niche, get in touch!

    All you will need to do is just to Plug Your Affiliate ID's in the Settings, and you are ready to go! All the links as well as all the product pricing and stock levels will be updated automatically for you on a daily basis to keep the website fresh at all times.

    Are you selling Domain Names and would like to increase their value? Having A Profitable Affiliate Store on them may be a great way to do so!

    Do you have some domains you are just Parking on Sedo/Bodis to get a few pennies out of them? Well, think about developing your domains into something that would bring you some steady passive income month after month with the potential of growing them into an authority, niche website.

    Perfect for beginners wanting to create an online income with a blog and affiliate store combo. Everything is set up for you and ready to go!

    Ready to Start A New Hassle-free Online Income? Then Read On!

    The website is built using WordPress and the Intelligent Fresh Store System. It is fully loaded with Amazon and eBay products and is ready to go.

    No maintenance needed - everything is updated automatically multiple times a day.

    Full control over the website using an user-friendly FSI dashboard. Add more products, change the content, tweak the design, see your stats + sales, plus loads more!

    Super Easy To Use For Beginners
    The new owner just needs an Amazon Associate and eBay affiliate accounts to collect the earnings (free and easy to set up and we will help you).

    NOTE: The content on the BLOG side of this website is being provided by an auto-blogging and content curation plugin called CyberSyn. This is the RSS aggregator tool used to import RSS feeds and automatically generate WordPress posts for your website from the chosen sources.

    If you would like to keep unique content on your blog only, please feel free to delete the plugin, and all the populated articles will be gone from your blog.

    These Affiliate Websites Are A Goldmine!
    They are proven earners and this particular website is in a fantastic niche.

    The buyer has the potential to create a great income stream for now and into the future.

    (1) BONUS - 6 months FREE hosting on the Fresh Store platform worth $114

    (2) BONUS - A Premium License of WordPress Astra PRO Theme

    The main source of income will be made by the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs. The entire site is built using the Amazon and eBay API's and needs no maintenance.

    This is a Proven And Easy Way to start earning money online I am using myself for years.

    Other sources of monthly income can include private advertising deals, link sales and Google Adsense.

    Affiliate websites are a great business model because they require no stock or big upfront investments.

    When someone clicks a product on your website, they purchase from Amazon or eBay. You take a commission of the sale, which can be anywhere from around 2% to 15%.

    You don't get any headaches from customers, delivery, stock etc. and just walk away with your tidy $$$ commissions!


    · Complete Premium affiliate store

    · Complete Premium WordPress blog

    · Well branded domain name

    · 6 months of free lightning fast hosting

    · Unique website design

    · Unique home page content

    · Highly profitable niche

    · Hand-Picked, Top-Selling products

    · Premium Images

    · Professional Logo

    · 100% Ownership

    · Fully customizable

    · Beginner-friendly admin area

    · Premium Support with fast responses


    ZERO STOCK INVESTMENT All the products you sell are shipped from Amazon’s warehouse and you don't need to invest a dime!

    AMAZON COOKIE BOOSTER Get 90 days of commissions from your customers instead of the usual Amazon 24 hours.

    PRODUCT FINDER Uncover the golden products in your niche with our built-in product finder.

    FRESH SYNC Everything is updated for you automatically: product prices, images, key features, descriptions, reviews and more.

    ZERO HASSLE ORDERS Amazon completely handles your orders, the customers, returns and everything in between.

    AMAZON REVIEWS Display all the Amazon reviews for your products directly on your store? A guaranteed way to boost conversions.

    MOBILE OPTIMIZED Your stores automatically work perfectly for users on any device, meaning better conversions and more sales.

    CONTENT CUSTOMIZER Change any content in your store quickly and easily.

    AUTOMATIC XML SITEMAP Search engine spiders will be happy with your ready to go XML sitemap. Automatically updated on a daily basis.

    PRODUCT SEO OPTIMIZER Your products are automatically populated with the correct SEO meta tags and keywords.

    SQUEEZE MORE CONVERSIONS Use our Exit Popup tool to show your visitors an offer and tempt them back when they try to leave.

    QUICK EMAIL CAPTURE Capture email addresses into your Store Dashboard or integrate with your favorite email service.

    If any of this is confusing or unfamiliar to you just let me know. I am here to help :xf.smile:

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    You didn't include pricing.

    PM me let's discuss
  3. BizStamps.com

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    Hi there,

    For now, the price for a Pre-built Store is $127, we can also build a custom Niche/Market Store for a price of $197.

    Thank you,
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    You doing only for amazon associates and not impact.com? If you can do keyword research and build store for impact.com then let me know some samples.
  5. BizStamps.com

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    We are also doing custom Stores if needed, yes. What would be your budget?

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