Premium GEO Service .com (x2) - DallasPeriodontist.com & BostonHairStylist.com

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    Up for Auction are both domains together:

    BostonHairStylist.com (Population of Boston is over half a million people)
    DallasPeriodontist.com (Population of Dallas is over 1,000,000 people)

    Great opportunity to make some cash flipping these gems to Hair Stylist in Boston and a Dentist in Dallas.

    Start at $10 or more
    Increments: $5 or more.
    BIN = TBA
    Auction ends 120 hours after the last bid or when/if BIN is met.

    Registered with Godaddy.com and shall be pushed or transferred out - whatever you prefer.

    First domain will be renewed for winner and the second is registered until 12/04/17

    Payment no longer than 24 hours after winning please and via PayPal.

    Thanks & Happy Bidding!
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