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Great Name.
I really like it in a couple of different ways.
First off it can be used to describe a "moment in time"
but the way I would probably use it would be sort of a video discussion site.
In the US we say a ststement, then sometimes say "period" at the end of our statement...
meaning - "End of Discussion", "Thats It", "I dont even want to hear your reply".
Its kind of funny to hear someone use that term.
Its almost rude...lol

With the Market the way it is right now, I wouldn't guess it to resale for that high, probably high xx, maybe xxx but if I owned it, I would definitely keep it in my .tv closet for a long time until I developed it.

I think it is a great domain. Congrats :)

On a side note,
Your UserName here (in this .tv Forum) is great.
You are Famous over here with as much as your name has been discussed already!
DonQuijote, right here in our own .tv Forum spending $ on .tv domains and asking for appraisals...hmmm!
You could probably get more $ from your UserName then the domain in the .tv Forum. :lol:

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Well, my user name - is not only a literary character - it is also one of the types of people in socionicws (or typology).
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