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I am currently accepting offers on PayrollAutomation.Services & PayrollIntegration.Services.

For most businesses, their people/staff are their biggest cost, so it makes sense that they spend a hell of a lot on software that supports them, for example, payroll/HR software. Businesses need to know that their staff are being paid right and that the supporting systems provide a seamless and enjoyable employee experience, while ensuring that the businesses requirements for a cost-effective, efficient, compliant solution are also being met.

Every business and every industry is different so. More often than not, there is no single platform that offers the perfect, best of breed solution for a business's accounting, HR, payroll, training, reporting (etc) needs. Most businesses of any reasonable size will therefore have some number of separate business systems that work together to support their team. These systems will inevitably require some sort of integration or automation to bring them together and ensure the business is not weighed down by unnecessary manual processes.

Many businesses will typically spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on business software, which payroll needs to integrate with. Many businesses spend at least double that amount on people to manage those systems and how they interact together. The right automation and integration can easily reduce the costs of managing these systems by 30% (or more) and can drastically improve the employee experience. The business case is obvious.

These domains are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this business need on a global scale. Whether they are used by a company that specialises in systems integrations, consulting or a payroll software provider, these domains have the potential to bring in leads worth thousands.

Both Domains have the same registration details:

Registrar - GoDaddy​
Renewal Price - $41.99 USD​
Renewal Date - 29/11/2022 - 10 months till expiry.​
Payment Options - PayPal, Escrow (but happy to consider other options if the buyer is reputable)​
If you're interested in either of these domains, please get in touch.
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