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budget: above $100 One word .io / 4 Letter .com / .xyz


  • Either ONE WORD .io OR 4 Letter .com OR ONE WORD.XYZ

  • Budget is over $500, but that type of range would be reached ONLY if I feel that it's so good that I'd pay $500 or more for it. 99% of the time, it won't be the case and maybe a deal would be reached but at a much lower level.
edited : Since I'm being asked by MODS to edit as apparently it's not clear and against the namepros RULES : THE MINIMUM I WILL PAY YOU IS 1$ , THE MAXIMUM I WILL PAY YOU IS $500. THAT IS MY RANGE.

Apparently I'm not allowed to say that if you have a truly rare gem out of that range that you can send for consideration, but that chances of paying over $500 are slim to none based on general submissions. Hopefully this makes things clearer because apparently it wasn't from my original post. end of edit

  • Send the domain WITH the price you are looking for in PRIVATE MESSAGE

  • As it's very difficult to answer every person back, if you do not hear back within 48 hours, you can consider that I'm not interested. Do not get offended if there's no interest from my part. Doesn't mean your domain is not a good domain.

Thanks in advance
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