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  1. jamesall

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    I developed this site by myself. I will try to sell it early in the coming year.

    All feedback woud be appreciated. I am still doing some work on it so I have closed new registrations for the time being.

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  2. NewHere

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    Its very promising and I really like the concept.
    You input your info and wala, you get a resume/cv.
    I really like it.

    The name could be simpler like for example -
  3. jamesall

    jamesall Established Member

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    Thanks. It is also possible to make Cover Letters and then send them in a bundled email job application with a few clicks.
  4. Sami Ketolainen

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    Your website looks really clear.

    At home page, you have nicely added only the most important information about your concept what is needed to show to your visitor what your business is about.

    To the contact us, you could add maybe customer support photo to the right side of the page with transparent background, where the photo is at the right side and the left side of the page is transparent background, so picture looks like it's part of the page.

    About Us page has very less information about your company - Here is some ideas:

    - There is good to have some information about CEO (maybe a picture of you and text who you are and why you started this business) and about your team if you have a team.

    - When was your company born and little bit about it

    - What is your aim, how do you help your customers, why your concept is the best in the markets and why people should use your service instead using other similar service.

    Terms/GDPR, Documents, Pricing are looking really clean! (At your footer, there is a link to Terms & Conditions (Right now there is a text Terms & Coniditons)

    And if you want to start make really accurate work, look example "Pricing" page. At the top of the page There is first Home | Pricing - Under that Pricing title. If you are accurate, the space between Home | Pricing and Pricing title space is much bigger than space between the text Prices are per member and you monthly plans. And same thing under the page. But these are only those final fixes if you want to make everything look really perfect.

    Overall look is really great!
  5. jamesall

    jamesall Established Member

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    Thanks for the feedback. All on hold right now as my 4th child, 3rd son, has just been born.

    I wiil check all of these issues.

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