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  1. ravi chaurasiya

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    This is my auto news post website
    this is 4 to 5 month old
    I want to sale my website at just $2000
    anyone interested contact or comments on my post
    I will give full details of my website
    you can also visit and check- NEWS4X.COM
    This offer expires in 4 days
    NEWS4X.COM Domain Estimated Value :$1200 News and Video Importer plugin newsmated One year Free Cpanel Hosting and SSL The website is professionally designed.

    I'm Ravi. I'm a web designer working with my team of some fantastic web designers and developers. Well, the good news is we can provide you 100% automated website which will be highly optimized and will contain every essential element.

    Website For Auction:

    Domain Estimated Value: $1200 (Goddady Validation)

    Buy Now Bonus:

    One year Free Cpanel Hosting.

    One year Free SSL Certificate

    Website Sales Features:

    • Professional Quality Design

    • Premium WordPress Theme

    • Premium WordPress Plugins

    • SEO friendly

    • Full automated news posting

    • Easy to set up; No maintenance required.

    Included in the Sale:

    • One-year after-sale support

    • Unlimited website revisions (One Year).

    • Theme and Plugins Update (One Year).

    How do I make money?

    Amazon Affiliate Program. An easy way to monetize your website. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, you get the commission -- it's that simple.

    Clickbank Affiliate Program. Make money with Clickbank, one of the first online affiliate systems. It offers as much 75% commissions, so don't be surprised when you make $100 with a single click!

    JVZoo Affiliate Marketing. A rare opportunity to earn up to 100% Instant Commissions when you promote products through your website.

    Cost Per Action Networks

    Banner Links and Ads.

    Commission Junction



    ClixGalore, among others!


    FAQ # 1)Will I edit my website quickly? I am not a technical person

    Answer: No extra information required for this website. I'm making you special operating instructions after the sale.

    FAQ # 2)What does the website cost after the sale?

    Answer: Annual domain fee and Hosting fee (Buy Now offer one year of free Hosting).

    FAQ # 3)How do I get technical help?

    Answer: Flippa sales area, Ticket, email, and to assist WhatsApp in emergencies.

    FAQ # 4)Why don't you guarantee to make money?

    Answer: I meet the requirements of the starter website regarding technical issues. Discovering ways to make money yourself allows you to start strong. Improving the site by doing research opens the way for you to earn money.

    FAQ # 5)I want to change the domain of this website.

    Answer: Yes, it possible I can help you.

    FAQ # 6)Would you transfer my Hosting of this website?

    Answer: Yes, I migrated your website for your Hosting for Free.

    FAQ # 7)Is it possible I would like to order an individual starter website?

    Answer: Yes, Contact me by private message from Flippa.All transactions conducted under terms and conditions.

    FAQ # 8)I am ready to purchase! What do I need to get started?

    Answer: If you contact me before the sale to perform the transfer for 1 hour.
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  2. ravi chaurasiya

    ravi chaurasiya New Member

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    Welcome to NamePros.

    Please Read Carefully

    If you are wanting to start an Auction, please be sure you have read and understood the
    Auction Rules and follow the instructions below.

    However, if you are wanting a Fixed Price or Make an Offer type of sale let us know before a bid is placed and we can move the thread to the desired forum.

    As required by NamePros Rule: 6.2.5, please Edit your Original Post within 24-48 hours to include:

    Registrar - The domain’s current registrar.
    Renewal Price - If the cost exceeds $15 at its current registrar.
    Renewal Date - The date the domain needs to be renewed if expiring within 3 months.
    Payment Options - PayPal, Escrow, etc.
    Starting Bid - The very first bid at which the auction will begin.
    Sellers must set a starting bid that they are prepared to accept.
    Auction will not start until this requirement is fulfilled.
    Bidding Increments - The minimum allowed difference between each bid someone makes.
    End Time - This must be clear with an hour, minute and time zone or X hours after last bid. (Default 72 hours after last bid)

    Thank you.
  4. ravi chaurasiya

    ravi chaurasiya New Member

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    10:54 PM

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