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    Hi guys, I am new here, :)

    what do you think about these domains:

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello Karin!!!
    Please keep in mind that these appraisals are only educated opinions...Life can be weird! I had a domain sell this week for $$$$...that I thought was trash/mistake lol...someone wanted it! So sometimes you just never know!
    network is a great tech word. The good news is that 366 network domains have been bought since Jan. 2019...but the bad news is they are not going for a lot. Even worse news is that of the 366 network domain sales...none of them were .info.
    The average price is $300 with a .com ending.
    So imo I am going to say this is worthless.

    2.) food - very popular word over 520 domain sold with food since Jan 2019. Average price $800 for a .com
    There is a lot of usafood domains for sale on sedo right now...the big fish are going to go for the usafood before usa-food first. I am going to say if you hang onto it until long enough...these domains will be sold and then yours will be more valuable. I would sit on this for four to five years and let it go up in price and then revisit its worth.
    3.) american food. store (same advice as above) sit on it and wait five years.
    4.) Right now I would say this is worthless imo. Great smart domains are only going for $300 - $500 and they are .com's Also this has the dreaded (-).
    5.) four word domain...I found some comparisons $700 $150 $128
    Right now you are competing against blockchain.() and three word blockchain domains. imo this is worthless. (I would not even sit on this.)
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    Hello Verysassyc,

    thank you very much for your welcome and detailed opinion !! :)

    Yes, it won't be easy with the domains. By the way, the traffic under the hyphen domains, i.e., comes mostly from China (372 Uniques, since 8 January).

    China 78,72 %
    United States 19,13 %
    Ukraine 0,43 %
    India (Hindi) 0,43 %
    Russia 0,43 %
    France 0,43 %
    Japan 0,43 %

    (Unfortunately I cannot insert the graphic, because it is linked).

    The domain without a hyphen would of course be ideal...B-) Let's see what the time brings. :)

    The TLD .info is a little bit better accepted by German end customers, for my I would primarily see a German travel agency as a buyer. But basically it is not as easy as a few years ago. I have the with and without hyphen. But it still remains difficult with this and the other domains, :ninja: I agree with you.

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