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  1. DigitalRoar

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    Hello everyone, I tried them because of some promo offers like 4.99 per .com

    • Eligible for Afternic Premium Network
    • Eligible for SedoMLS Premium

    • The UI is really bad
    • You can't mass update DNS for marketplace verifications... one by one...
    • Constant upsales on nearly every page you go to
    • Super expensive regular prices/renewals
    • No support?

    Some clarification on the "pros" I actually haven't been able to add them to the premium networks, I receive daily Afternic emails to verify them, which I did because I got the email from NS to verify them, weeks of the same thing so I contacted support on May 25th ( over 1 week from today) & have not heard back from them ever since, so maybe the pros don't even count?

    Maybe the low promo price & premium network eligibility makes up for the cons? I think not, will certainly be moving the domains away!
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  2. MatiasG

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    I can only comment on the "No Support" thing as I'm new to domaining and don't have enough experience with other aspects of Network Solutions.

    Yes, Network Solutions seems not to reply to their support tickets.

    I opened a ticket 10 days ago and still no answer. They don't even notify you by email that your ticket was received as every other company I've dealt with before does.
    You can only see that your ticket was received (and unanswered) by going to your Network Solutions control panel.

    Very surprising that such a famous registrar has such poor support.
  3. DigitalRoar

    DigitalRoar Established Member

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    They replied to me but with something completely unrelated 🤦‍♂️

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