Need help recovering my old Domain Name

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  1. Oklol305

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    I missed my renewal date for my domain a few months back and the domain was eventually sold off to someone else

    Once I visit my old website it redirects me to a “media” website where they said this website has been acquired by “company name” please use the contact page if your interested in purchasing the domain.

    Now here is the thing the redirect is not even working properly and the website redirects to a 404 page, I had to do some investigating to finally get the actual landing page.

    I have been emailing the emails on the whois page and the the contact page about purchasing back my domain but this person has not answered what so ever.

    The domain does not expired until 3/2021 and the person that bought my old domain has a broken 404 landing page and has not answered a single email.

    Is there anything I can do to get my domain back? I’m running out of hope :(
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

    Have you tried searching for your domain name in It will show you if it is listed for sale on any of the main marketplaces, and if it is, you should be able to contact the owner.

    Here is an article on different ways to contact an owner.

    You might try the third (send an email [email protected]) and also there should be a way, see fourth method, to send an email to an owner even under privacy (it goes through a third party).

    Good luck,

  3. xynames

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    Check the thread where I posted this suggestion, which is to just send an email to the listed WhoIs email address:
    that thread addresses this same issue.

    Good luck!
  4. jjngjr

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    Not exactly sure if it would work as I have never used an email tracker before, but maybe someone else could chime in about it. You may get some info as to whether or not someone is actually reading your email.

    The part I'm not sure of is if it has the privacy option on for the domain owner and the email gets forwarded through to the owner, will the tracker still be able to read it.

    My guess is it will if it all works with a pixel being inserted to the email body.

    That may give you a little more to go on.
  5. Don Gondon

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    It is not your domain. Better fix that concept in your mind, because it is a false idea and as well it can affect your potential negotiations in a very negative way.
  6. lock


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    I can get it back how much money have you got? I am guessing you want it back cheap but have you instigated contact? Have they? Do not do anything if you want help. How long can you wait? Appraisal? Is it worth your effort or can we find better? Do i have it now? last one was a joke.
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