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    Love NamePros? Want to join our fantastic team of volunteers? Here is your chance!! We are looking for moderators in the following forums

    Web Hosting
    Web Hosting Discussion

    These two are tough to fill, due to issues in the past with having NP Team Members who have their own hosting companies and then were also Moderating the forums, there have been some Conflict of Interest issues that have arisen. So, we would like to have someone in there who has knowledge, but does not own their own hosting company.

    Domain Names Wanted
    Domain Names With Traffic Stats
    Domains For Sale-Fixed Prices
    Marketing Techniques
    Website Development
    Developers For Hire
    Turnkey Websites For Sale

    If you see a forum on the list that you are already spending a lot of time in, why not apply? After all you are already there ;)

    Here's our application link Please make sure that you let us know which forum it is that you are interested in moderating.

    Thank you for your interest!! Looking forward to your applications :) One more thing, if you have applied with us before and your application was prior to January of this year it has been removed and you should re-apply.

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