NameSilo steals domains

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    How namecheap steals domains is a cautionary tale below.
    The mail service stopped working in my country, so I received letters about the renewal of my domains with a delay
    hereinafter I am talking about domains:

    the first 6 domains are old domains that were registered 25 years ago and have high commercial value

    The registrar took some of the domains from my account - I received a letter that the whois of the domains has changed:
    example letter:

    I also don’t see the domain in my account, but I didn’t receive a letter that whois has changed in it

    I wrote to support and they said that domain renewals are possible for $ 83.66 because:
    "To my regret, your domain is now in a redemption state. In order to re-instate it in this phase, there is a fee plus regular renewal cost. The total amount in this case would be $ 83.66"

    domain status at the moment "Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited"

    the registrar manipulates different concepts and tries to charge me for the domain restoration, although ICANN rules allow domain renewals within 45 days after expiration
    As written above - in some domains whois changes, and in others it does not (the oldest and commercially valuable)
    but all domains require an illegal large ransom
    Moreover, all these domains were unlocked and I have transfer codes, but the registrar blocked them so that I could not transfer domains.
    on what basis were the whois of my domains changed?
    Why were the domains blocked?
    Why do I have to pay the renewal amount even though the domains are renewable at the standard price?
    why are there no specific renewal conditions and specific terms in the registrar's rules?
    Why does the registrar not give the opportunity to renew domains for a longer period that I have according to ICANN rules?

    It looks like an initial scheme: old beautiful domains are deleted from my account and whois changes in them and they ask for a ransom (in the support service, people with Russian names and surnames often answered me, I think that crime is possible)

    Moreover, during the correspondence with the support service, there was an episode that confirms that the registrar can remove the block from the domain and renew the domains at the standard price, but does not do this:

    I asked to remove blocking from domains, including
    after that, the domain status became "ok" - see the screenshot - this was the status as of 2:48 September 3 GMT +3
    when i asked support to unblock domains:
    they said it was impossible

    then I asked:
    "why? what different near domain and"
    and the support representative said that he was wrong and the domain could not be unlocked and blocked the domain again - see the screenshot of the correspondence:
    after that the domain status became "clientTransferProhibited" see screenshot as of 3:18
    this episode confirms the illegal actions of the namecheap registrar and the fact that he manipulates the concept and illegally tries to make money, saying that "the domain is in a stage that requires additional payment"

    Wrote a complaint to ICANN and write feedback so people are aware of the danger.
    Where else can I file a complaint to keep other people safe?

    Perhaps someone has contact with the namecheap customer service manager so I can discuss this with him?

    Who has options for how I can restore my rights?
    Thank you
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    Namecheap NP doesnt use “@Namecheap”

    @tamar your name?

    It’s hard to remember!

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    You aren’t keeping anyone safe. You just need to renew well before the redemption period which we all know. Not sure why you didn’t. They all charge redemption fees so the point is moot.
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    This are great brandables most of them sound as pharmaceutical brands, you better save them or someone is interested to take them from you.
    Also NameCheap is doing like Godaddy, fresh hand regs changed to old WHOIS reg date, which is false, this is the second registrar which hand regs domains for their own agenda.
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    Thanks for your opinion! I agree that the domains have expired and it would be better to renew them in advance, but as indicated above, I did not receive letters, because the mail service stopped working, but namecheap does not want to take this fact into account

    Why, it seems to me, I believe that I help others keep their domains safe if you keep your domains with another registrar, for at least a few reasons:

    also above I posted screenshots that the domains are in the "ok" or "clientTransferProhibited" status, which allows you to renew domains without a redemption fee

    I also indicated above how the registrar manipulates the concept and removes and then puts a block on the domain in order to cash in on the additional payment for the restoration, although the domains are not in the "redemption" status and do not require additional payment
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    keep in mind ... "About 30 days" is not the same as "at least 30 days".


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  7. johnn

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    Here we go again.
    Every registrar steal names from customers.
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    Yeah, man, the registrar can (and will!) play with it, but it's not because of your case and your names, it's just a general rule, thay are allowed to do it. Indeed, I agree with what is said above, just swallow it, pay it and learn the lesson, highly unlikely there could be another outcome.

    On a positive note - your names have potential and worth renewal, at least coms (other extensions I simply do not know too well).
    Good luck!!
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    If I came very close to losing names that I deemed very valuable but I was able to recuse them at the last minute for only $90 each, I would be incredibly happy. When I first read this, I thought the names were already gone. It's very simple, is the name worth $90 to you or not?

    You can still own them.

    You made a mistake by not being on top of your registration renewals, it happens to everyone, most of us would forget to renew names if our mailbox wasn't working. But at the end of the day, that's kind of on you to notice that you haven't been getting any emails for a while and to stay on top of your shit.

    I recommend not letting anger build in your heart over something that you have now learned a lesson from. $500 to rescue all of your names, and never have to think about this again, never have to feel annoyed or angry about it, is a small investment to make.

    "I forgot to renew my domains" isn't news, and this is an unfair attack on Namecheap. Tags like "scam" and "scam alert" are incredibly misleading, and anyone who only reads the title here is getting an unfairly negative impression.

    The names are not lost. Are they worth $90 each to you or not? This isn't Namecheap's fault.
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    Thanks for the detailed answer!
    I do not withdraw I agree that the domains have expired and it would be better to renew on time if I received notifications

    the problem is that namecheap manipulates the concept of "redemption fee" and cannot go to meet its old client (for 10 years I have had them over 1000 domains)

    and deliberately blocks domains by transferring them to the "clientTransferProhibited" status, although domains may be in the "ok" status
    Read above - it's very funny when the support service says that they made a mistake in the status and changes it in front of my eyes

    It is understandable that this is done to cash in on the additional recovery fee, although the domains are not in "redemption" status and do not require additional fees, but I consider this to be a scam
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    Yes, they do not even have clearly prescribed procedures, I think this is done so that you can manipulate the terms and statuses of domains and illegally steal domains

    For example, the regastrator clearly has 36 days
    I used more than 20 registrars and only got problems with namecheap and 1and1
    It's a frustrating experience, keep your domains with good registrars
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    People should always read carefully the Terms of Service/Rules (case2case EULA) and Privacy. The ToS etc never was meant to protect the rights of the consumers.
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    They're not cashing in. They'll have to pay the registry to recover those names. $90 isn't uncommon, some charge more.
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    i would change your title to me and namecheap disagree on redeeming domains. gl. :)
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    I don't understand why you don't simply pay the renewal fees of $83.66. If these are valuable domains it's a small price to pay. Every registrar had different time limits on renewals. Not many registrars allow renewal after 40 days. Then transfer to a registrar which allows later renewals. I also don't understand why to let valuable domains even to expire. Don't get angry, get even. Pay for the renewals and transfer away when they become eligible for transfer. End of story?
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    also GoDaddy steal a high quality domain from me :xf.frown:
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