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Hey everyone,

If you are in need of high-quality, niched traffic, at fair prices or if you are looking to monetize your website, you can count on Mondiad! We are an ad network, specialized in Push & Native ads, with 10 years of industry experience and unique market perks.

  • Adult & Mainstream Traffic
  • Global Coverage - 3.5B Daily Impressions - 5 M Daily Clicks
  • CPM, CPC Pricing
  • Self-Served Platform
  • Fast Approvals & 24/7 Support
  • Multiple Payment/Payout Processors: PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, Capitalist, Cryptocurrencies, Wire, and others, on-demand.
  • Referral System: Bring your friends and earn 5% from each advertiser`s spent or publisher's earnings.

+ Advertiser perks:

  • Advanced Targeting Options: Target the exact audience by country, carrier, device, OS, OS version, browser, language, traffic type, ad format, etc.
  • Powerful API: Use Mondiad`s proprietary API to export reports or to fully automate your media buying.
  • Traffic Fraud Detection: We monitor, detect and remove fraud of any type, by using both internal and third-party tools.
  • Conversion Tracker: Track your conversions easily, directly in your Mondiad reports, and optimize your campaigns.
  • Smart Optimization Rules: Use this performance tool to optimize your ad campaigns, based on custom rules created by you.
  • Multiple Optimization Tools: Blacklist/Whitelist targeting based on ZoneID and/or SubID and Global Blacklist system.
  • Custom bid for ZoneID, SubID, Country: Granular bidding for specific zones.
  • Track campaign performance with our built-in Event Tracker.

+ Publisher perks:

  • Real-Time Reporting System: Detailed stats are available in real time with a variety of filters and groupings.
  • Customizable Ad Zones: Configure your ad placement according to your website`s layout, for best results.
  • Daily Payments: Withdraw your earnings on request and receive your payout in an average of 24-48 hours.
  • 10$ minimum withdrawal
Join us today - It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and start your journey! ✨

Chat with us to learn how to level up your business with Mondiad either here, in this thread or directly with our support team through our website contact form, Telegram, Skype, or Whatsapp!
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