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    After selling some of my other websites off, I created - Molosser is a type of breed category that fits mastiff, bull and terrier breeds.

    What do you guys think of the design
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    I'll provide a few well meant comments in response to your request for design comments.

    Biggest suggestion for design improvement concerns the photos.

    Some of the Home Page dog photos as viewed on two different computers, have part or all of some of the dog's heads cut off.

    Also, in several of the photos are " orange circles " with various white designs - a couple of the orange designs hide part of a dog's head and are seemingly unnecessary to the photos.

    The breed page, when a breed is selected/clicked, IMO should have a better photo on the top of the page as a number or most of the pages I examined have no head piece in the photo.

    I would suggest always presenting each breed with a complete head and torso to allow the visitor to see the essence of that breed's type.

    Might also suggest, when possible, on the breed specific page, show a representative photo of both a dog and a bitch for visitors to see the gender similarities and typical differences, usually in size and coat.


    Define Molosser for the visitor on the Home Page;

    IMO " breedfacts " should be written as " Breed Facts ", two words rather than run together as one word;

    IMO, on the Home Page there should be an alphabetical list of all the breeds ( clickable links ) to quickly tell visitors what breeds are presented on the site;

    The " load more " ( breeds ) can be a bit slow for a visitor to discover what breeds are covered on the site;

    IMO the " yellow " color is not a suitable accent color for hard working relatively old / ancient breeds of great strength and courage.
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    Thanks for the constructive feedback, it's much appreciated

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