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    Hey everyone..

    Just to share and discuss if exact match domains (EMDs) have big impact on SEO..

    As many will know, getting onto the first page of Google search is extremely tough, especially if you are in a competitive niche like mobile advertising and fighting with giants.

    However, through hard work and strong SEO tactics, it can be done. Or maybe is it because of the domain?

    Check out the below charts for

    Global Google ranking
    - 244 "money" keywords on #1 to #3 positions
    - 395 keywords from #4 to #10
    - this means we have about 600 keywords on the 1st page
    - total keywords in the index is 5,456 .
    - 70% of traffic comes from USA, UK, Canada, and other 1st-tier countries.


    This FREE organic traffic brings us more than USD19.3K worth of traffic monthly, should we pay for it using Adwords.

    The 2nd chart shows that we are ranked higher than even IAB, Digiday, Wikipedia and our nearest competitor is Google themselves.


    Out of almost 200 important keywords we are tracking, our average position is 11+ and Google is 23+. Yes, we win them by 2X!

    Interestingly, we had NOT done any back-linking and our on-site technical SEO is terrible as we had no time to work on them.

    I think we have a strong SEO content strategy and also the exact match domain that helps push it up.

    What are your thoughts? Anyone else have good results with SEO using EMDs?
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