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I noticed that was lost in a UDRP, and one of the panelist found that the $77k asking price was exorbitant, which made me wonder how high dollar deals ever get done with findings like this by a panelist?

I know it didn't help that the respondent didn't even reply to the filing, but it does concern me that a panelist can consider this an example of bad faith.

My question now is how do you handle high value domain names when you get asked for a price? I have always told potential buyers that it's not for sale, but they could make an offer on it. Most of my domain names are not listed for sale, so I assumed this was the best practice.

Another reason I am asking is that I turned down a $100k offer on a name, and I was told it was better to accept it than them dragging me into court, which I assume they meant filing a UDRP. Maybe I have nothing to worry about as there is no trademark for the domain and I have used it since 2003.

I just wonder how some names like go for $30 million without a fuss and others sales calls end with threats and etc.

Would like to hear how you guys handle situations like this.
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If you have single dictionary words the panelists know they have great value and age and are generally generic in nature. Many many companies will have trademarks. Many will want the name just because of value. The ask seems more easily justified.

In the case of frameo thats a big ask for a 4 year old brandable but its not the panelists opinions about price that should play into it. They are assuming price gouging and thereby squatting I guess.

I did not read the decision but it is a shame (unless he was doing something nefarious) because the registration predates the trademark by 3 years. He should have replied and defended himself.

Thats the thing with moon shots. You have to know when to take them and when not. I don’t think you have to worry about it if no trademark exists on your name.
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It was an odd decision on that name, and I agree that he should have defended himself. It was the quote about the price being exorbitant that made me cringe.

Sometimes I believe the panel doesn't stick to the wording when deciding udrps.
I don’t think you have to worry about it if no trademark exists on your name.
why is there a valid domain that does not contain a trademark?
everything is now registered and if not registered in the exact world, for sure with small changes.
The asking price should be irrelevant in these rulings unless there is a finding of bad faith. I think anyone is entitled to ask whatever price they like for a legitimately held domain name.

It seems to me that 'frameo' being a "distinctive term" coupled with the name being registered at a later date than registrations of the complainant's trademark tipped the balance here.

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