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Why is this a premium domain?
  • MetaParty is a keyword that will drastically increase in search volume - read more in this cointelegraph article:
Paris Hilton says that the Metaverse will be the future of partying.

  • XYZ has become a widely used extension for web3 companies / projects.
  • Broad exact match term can be used for anything related to Metaverse events / party companies / projects - therefore it has a high amount of potential end users which directly increases the value of this domain
What can it be used for?

The metaparty.xyz domain can be used for any metaverse event related project / company. It may be used for selling tickets for metaverse parties, marketing metaverse parties and events, or for your own special metaverse event, ... the list goes on.


We are only at the beginning of the metaverse - evaluating the keyword value and extension of this domain it is sure to be an exceptional digital asset with high expectations on ROI.
The #domain - MetaParty . xyz - is on auction!
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