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    The trend towards shorter names continues with Seyfarth and other firms, something which has been gathering momentum in recent years as firms have needed to build their online ‘authority’ and presence with clearly identifiable imagery and names.

    Leading marketing firm Jaffe indicated that there are six key criteria needed for successful law firm branding, including:

    1. Brand promise – indicating what the firm will always undertake to do
    2. Brand value – the firm’s ‘non negotiable’ core beliefs
    3. Brand equity – how clients actually feel about the brand in the markeplace.
    4. Brand story – the authentic story behind the brand.
    5. Visual brand – the imagery carrying the firm’s brand.
    6. Brand strategy – how to drive the brand into the market based on the other brand components.

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    Memorability is everything, ties in with imagery etc. Most will disagree but stray from .com and you can get some killer combos. IMAGINE you're a divorce attorney (usually specializing anyways), get a domain like and I guarantee people will remember your site. PPL will remember as it's served to them in the context of LIFE: their surrounding, what they're looking at (or for). It's about how STRONGLY they PERCEIVE the CONNECTION. In these early stages, nTLD exposure will be an ah-ha moment for them = memorable.

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