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    Laaf.Xyz. 4 Letter pronauncable word with the Fourth biggest extension in the World

    Can be used for Abbreviations, especially within the Los Angeles area

    Pronounces exactly like Laugh, therefor perfect for eCommerce stores, Entertainment websites, Comedy websites, Event hosting websites

    Similar sales :

    Sina.Xyz - $3,100 - 12/24/2015 - Namejet
    Digi.Xyz - $3,036 - 9/23/2017 - Sedo
    Base.Xyz - $2,000 - 12/4/2015 - Uniregistry
    tttt.Xyz - $1,700 - 3/24/2016 - Namejet
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    Loli.Xyz - $888 - 8/23/2017 - Sedo

    Starting price is 25USD, Please only raise in increments of 5USD, if over 100USD, Please only raise in increments of 20 USD, If over 500USD, Please only raise in increments of 50 USD

    Current Registrar : Namecheap, can be moved to suit your needs - Exprires October 6 2018 - Renewal fee is 7.88USD

    Payment options include Paypal or Flippa Escrow (I would pay to put it up on flippa and you buy it on there)

    End time October 30 - 2017

    Buyout price : 2000 USD
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