Kochava and LiveRamp Dispute Over IdentityLink trademark

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    Kochava, the Idaho-based mobile attribution company, filed legal documents Friday as part of a long-running dispute with San Francisco-based ad-tech giant LiveRamp. The companies are vying for the exclusive right to use the IdentityLink trademark.

    In a Northern District of California court late Friday, Kochava filed a counterclaim to an earlier filing from LiveRamp, marking the latest round in an ongoing legal wrangle that dates back to 2016.

    Kochava asserts that it began using the IdentityLink trademark in 2011, five years prior to LiveRamp introducing a product to market with the same name. Kochava claims this was a rebrand of LiveRamp’s earlier Customer Link offering.

    “You can imagine our surprise when we learned that another company was using our mark,” Kochava said in a statement. “Maybe LiveRamp with a market cap of $3 billion and an industry behemoth and a publicly-traded company didn’t care that a privately held startup had been using IdentityLink for over four years?”

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