Is it 100% legal to register domain and then recover the content?

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    I have an important question guys,
    I am going to register a domain name and recover the content and I am not 100% sure if someone that posted this content and then let it expired can possibly have any claim against me?
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    They have the copyright. You need consent to use it. But paraphrasing is ok. So you could rewrite the content. If the copyright holder complains it can be expensive, and get you kicked off your hosting.

    Some SEO practitioners grab dropping domains and reconstruct the site from, then put in links to their client sites. It happens.
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    Here's a simple rule for text and visual media:

    1. Did you create it? If "yes", you are okay (unless you assigned it or had an obligation to assign it to someone else).

    2. If not, then do you have permission from the person who created it or to whom rights in the material are assigned? If "yes", you are okay.

    Otherwise, if it is material you did not create, and you do not have permission from the creator or the rights owner, then, no, it is not "100% legal" for you to use that content.

    There are some oddball exceptions, such as if it is content produced by the US government (in which copyright cannot be claimed), but the general answer to your question is "of course not."
  4. carob

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    @levinsondomains The normal thing to do is approach the copyright holder for permission. They may just give permission for a certain use, or charge for a certain use. Publishers may charge by the word for quoting from a book. Some website content is licensed under a Creative Commons licence, and those licenses vary - some let you do whatever you like, others require you to give credit to the content creator when you use their content free. So you could check the website for any info there about copyright and licensing.

    Images can have hidden watermarks or beacons that big image libraries track, then send you huge bills for using the image without paying a fee. If you drag an image into Google search you can often find where it came from.

    By the way thanks to @jberryhill for the professional advice - he is a top domain lawyer.

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