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I have a domain which receives pure type in visits. There's an active website in .net and I own the .com + it's also an exact match domain with 0 backlinks, so all of the traffic is purely type in.

It's a low cpc niche but it's still a shame to see these domains go to waste because the parking ads are so irrelevant. Yes, I've tried adding tags but still no relevant ads. Maybe there's no niche. And yes, I've tried reaching out to the .net guy.

I tried parking my portfolio just to see if any domains I was willing to let expire receive some good traffic. I see a lot of irrelevant ads, even in exact match keyword domains, which I don't understand how it happens.

Anyway, is there anything that can be done if tags don't help? I don't think developing a site would be worth it in this case.
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if, there are no relevant ads in google for the domain, then you won't get them on the pp

low cpc typically means 0 competition for those terms.
also depends on what region traffic is from.

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