🙀 I scared them off 🔪What do I do?

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  1. dAvo

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    This is the second time.

    I received an inbound ✅offer.

    And lost the sale - because I got greedy! ☠️ and asked for a lil more...


    that's what you do - right?

    You negotiate. Why?

    Because it's part of the game - right?



    You should be grateful for the enquiry.
    (that's 99.9% never going to happen again)

    You have a think about the true value of the domain...
    You say thank you. And you accept their generous offer.

    But I didn't 😾(again) - and I scared them off!

    So now what???

    How do I go back to them - and accept their offer?
    (or even sell it for less - without sounding like a dick)

    Do I just move on 👎 and learn my lesson..?


    Is there a smart way 🤑- to win them back?

    What would you do?
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  2. mitch007

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  3. 7363824

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    Nothing says you can't reach back out and say it seems like that offer won;t work for you, how about x, and adjust your offer.

    There are several schools of thought on this. There are those domainers who ask for and will only accept top dollar and aren't afraid of long holding times. Then there are those who will sell to the first customer who offers them enough over their costs. And various point inbetween. I find especially when starting out that accepting any offer that makes you money can be helpful.

    I recently had an offer that was just too low for what I belive the true value of the domain is, but ultimately when it was clear the buyer would not raise there offer I agreed to it so long as they pay the escrow fees and they accepted and it is going though escrow now. I think the name was worth more, but their offer was still nearly 10x what I paid for it, and it was a very short holding time, I acquired it back in September, so now I will be getting a nice cashout to reinvest in more names to grow my portfolio..
  4. Bernard Wright

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    Maybe the name is indeed worth more than the offer you'd received, but you're disappointed that the buyer didn't meet your threshold and you're letting that disappointment get the best of you. You can negotiate. You don't have to negotiate. And many a domainer has sold names by standing firm on price. This thread could turn into "I'm glad I held on to that domain" in the future. Who knows?

    Always be willing to walk away.
  5. BlackCatsAreNice

    BlackCatsAreNice Established Member

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    You didn't scare them off. They couldn't afford the domain asking price. Someone ELSE can.

    Stop devaluing your domains.
  6. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    Some domains aren't for everybody. When there is a match the sale will happen. Until then, enjoy the journey, because when you get to the destination it's the journey that is remembered.
  7. Bob Hawkes

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    I know this must be stressful, @dAvo but rest assured many others have been through this! On the one hand if too flexible worry that left money on table, on other, like your situation, afraid lost sale.

    I am not sure how long has passed, but if not too long maybe they will still come back.

    If a while, do you still have ability to contact them with a revised offer? If not already done you might also consider offering a payment plan to reduce sticker shock.

    I hope it works out.

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  8. DomainRecap

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    This is exactly it - someone inquired about buying your domain, so that means it's worth something and now you're just playing what-if games because you're disappointed the sale didn't go through.

    One month I got a pile of low offers, all of which I countered and was met with silence. Then later I added up all the offers, and had I accepted them it would have added up to something significant. I thought about this and realized it doesn't matter and moved on.

    Then two of those potential buyers came back, and we negotiated to more than all the initial offers combined.
  9. DomainRecap

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    Yep, there is nothing stopping you from waiting a bit, then sending them a lower second-counter that might be more to their liking.
  10. karmaco

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    Depending on the name, you might not be greedy they just might be cheap ( or a domainer 😂)
    Before you reply to anything, investigate and think on it. If you continue to chase them you just look desperate which is not a good look. Another option is to set a buy it now price you can live with. They might be back.
  11. The Durfer

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    pm me with the name and their price if you can .ty :)
  12. Silentptnr

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    I read a quote from another domainer some time ago and I have remembered it..

    "My price isn't too big, your idea and budget are too small."

    We can't walk onto a car lot, or into any business for that matter, and make any offer and expect it to be accepted.

    Perhaps your price was higher than that buyer believed the name to be worth but that's okay. You should feel good that the name got an offer. It's probably one to hold on to for a few years.

    Some buyers want a "deal". If you had started lower, they would still want to haggle. It's natural.

    Maybe I'm just used to receiving inquiries daily, quoting prices, then waiting. Sometimes, they close, sometimes they don't.

    Remember SWSWSWN.

    Some will, some won't, so what, next!
  13. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Top Contributor VIP

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    You can also set a bin at the buyers price, send an email with the link, and wait. :)

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