Get your catchy domain at

domain I n v e s t O n l i n e . io + G o v e l l o . c o m + Yo g a M a n h a t t a n . c o m

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The "invest" domain, take a chance pinning it Low / Mid XXX. The "NET" managed $3k. Using the word "online" is often unnecessary for a domain, my main criticism on it. GEO's are hard, but maybe "some" juice in the yoga domain, with the right buyer in Manhattan if you found one, but I'd say not much. Take offers on it. As for the "go" domain, sounds brand worthy, but still tough for me...can't pin much significance on it. IMO
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Hi @jhm @Jordon M.
Thanks for your contributions!

I thought the .IO has more value, but I'm still in the learning process.
As for the Yoga name, I will try maybe some outbound marketing.
The Go one, has some branding potential but yeah it's like flipping a coin.

We'll see! Anyway, I've got them at the lowest price possible, so not a big deal.
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