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What is Socks5 Proxy
SOCKS is a network protocol, which is a proxy connection protocol used by websites all over the world.Network traffic is routed through a firewall to facilitate communication with the server. The 922s5 is a trusted socks5 proxy.

What is an HTTP proxy
HTTP proxies use a different protocol type, HTTP proxies can read requests sent directly from an app over the same protocol, but HTTP proxies have limitations that SOCKS does not. HTTP proxies are ideal for web crawling activities and running bots.If you want to access websites that use any protocol, the SOCKS5 proxy is the best choice.



socks5 proxies is 1080.The general ports for http proxies are 80, 8080, 3128, etc.

2.Proxy speed difference
The http proxy works on the application layer and only allows users to access external websites via the HTTP protocol.Socks5 proxies work at the session layer and do not require the application to follow a specific operating system platform. Socks5 proxies simply pass packets without caring what application protocol it is (e.g. FTP, HTTP and NNTP requests).

SOCKS 5 proxies are popular for their simplicity and ease of use and are suitable for downloading, transferring and uploading web data online.

SOCKS 5 proxy cannot be used directly with the HTTP protocol. It is often used for streaming media playback and P2P file sharing. As SOCKS 5 is compatible with any protocol, unlike HTTP proxies, SOCKS 5 proxies cannot read or control proxy traffic directly.SOCKS 5 proxies are more flexible in their application and are not restricted to any particular network protocol. They are ideally suited for connecting to targets behind firewalls.

If you want to access websites using any protocol, the SOCKS 5 proxy is the best choice. HTTP proxies SOCKS 5 offers more connection options, while HTTP proxies can read data. HTTP proxies can only interpret and handle HTTP and HTTPS web pages, while SOCKS 5 proxies can handle any traffic.

922s5 Proxy | The closestproxy to the 911s5
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