How professional domainer manage the listing data on the domain marketplace

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In order to increase the sales, we will list the domains on the platforms such as Sedo, Afternic, Dan....

But managing these listing data can be difficult if the number of your domains is huge.

Here is how I manage them, taking Sedo as an example:

1. Export CSV Data of Sedo from my website
2. Export the domain data on Sedo.com
3. Copy the domain and price from the Exported Excel to my PriceChecker tool, and check them


4. Get the results:



5. Copy the domains not listed and domains with wrong price, and export the CSV file of SEDO, and then upload it to Sedo.com



OK, Domains that need to be listed on sedo have been successfully posted to sedo.com,

And the wrongly priced domains on Sedo has also been fixed.

The whole operation can be done in a few minutes, this is my way of doing it, I hope this is useful to you.


In fact, my domain name data on platform is rarely wrong, but I will still check them every 1-2 months to ensure the accuracy of the price data on domain platform.

b) My PriceChecker tool also automatically analyzes domain name price data, giving me a general understanding of my domain name price data, as shown below:


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