How long should domain investors be willing to renew domain names?

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    Whether hand registering domains, buying expired domains, or purchasing domains from a 3rd party, this is one of many important questions every domain investor must consider when journeying into domain investing.

    While it’s not the only question to consider, but it is a critical question to answer in full transparency should you expect to realize consistent domain profitability.

    It does no good for domain investors to blindly keep renewing on hope or moments before a domain is set to manual or auto renew.

    It’s wise to have a plan and strategy BEFORE the domain renewal grinch arrives lurking and knocking at your door each renewal date.

    While there’s not a silver bullet answer, tune into the latest episode as I provide best practices and guidelines — based on my experience — to help make the most of your domain investing experience, hoping to minimize cost and risk while aiming to realize consistent domain investing profits.

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    Hi Alvin, I posted a comment on your site but it kind of disappeared. So I'll ask you here again.

    Lots of wisdom in domain investing. You said to stay away from Closeout domains and focus on more expensive domains with 3 bids or more. Then, you also mentioned that you built to grab Closeout domains. So, do you avoid Closeout domains or not?
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    if you have names that earn revenue, they can pay their own renewal fee

    and if they do really good, they can pay for some of their brothers and sisters in the portfolio.

    also, some names are future forward and have to mature to the time, that makes them most appealing.

    you don't wait until it hits the fan, then try to get some
    you acquire long before the fan gets turned on

    that, is the mindset and nature, of a true investor

  4. Kassey Lee

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    I call it the ripple effect -- well used in real estate investment.

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