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    Thank you for your response. I have registered them all in the first week of January 2021. Most of them are still in a 60-day lock period. So I have about 10 months from now.

    Yes, I can create a website like I am in SEO. But I still doubt if the efforts made to build a website on all these domains pay off well.

    The reason I bought a bunch of verb+Now is that these domains were sold in mid $$$ to initial $,$$$ on NameBio and Godaddy as well, But Now I think it might be the Domain age that might be a big factor in those sales.

    RecoverNow- $1650
    DetectNow- $ 3000
    IgniteNow- $1,107
    PerormNow- $1500

    These verbs are stronger than those in my list though

    The end users I Planned at that time based on the verb were:
    Pry: security software, Drones
    Attempt: online Examinations
    Beg, Moan: Adult sites
    Heap, owe: Banking, Financial
    Peel: Skincare, cosmetic
    Criticize: media house
    Admire, Prefer, Dislike: dating, women
    Burp, Marinate: Food, beverages
    Shut: Photography
    Examine, Determine: websites that determine value of your assets eg:Estibot
    Swear, Deny, Ignore, Forbid: NGOs
    Snore: Mattress, Doctors for treating Insomnia
    Intend: Motivational websites
    Differ: Clothing
    Overtake: automotive

    But I personally feel that the addition of "Now" is making these domain names weak

    I have listed these domain names on Dan, Afternic and other known platforms for $ 190 to $ 290. I am also getting views. I do not know what views are worth.


    The main aim of selling these domain names is to increase my learning, profits are secondary. I know domain selling is a time taking skill, So expecting a profit so early wont be fair.

    I have started outbounding for,, as Now I feel its easier to sell Geo domains as a newbie than Brandables.

    Yes, I thought verb+Now can be used as brandables but all these names are rejected by alter, and the top ones by BrandBucket and SquadHelp. I cant test all these names as it cost 1$ per name and it increases my liability.

    I need to sell 2 names for getting my investment back and 3 names to renew a few of these better names. I still think so I can manage these targets in 10 months especially with the non verb+now domain names.

    If there any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks to everyone who replied in this thread.
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    relax now. Stick with what you think. I don't like them myself but didn't predict these either.
    Total price amount in this set of 100 domain name sales is 1,009,859.10 USD; average price is 10,098.59 USD.
    January 2008 $ 125,000.00 USD
    info similar sales visit backorder brokerage
    January 2008 $ 125,000.00 USD
    April 2013 $ 120,000.00 USD Sedo
    May 2016 $ 88,800.00 USD Uniregistry
    October 2014 $ 50,000.00 USD Uniregistry
    December 2013 $ 30,000.00 USD Uniregistry
    February 2021 $ 25,000.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    September 2017 $ 14,000.00 USD Sedo
    January 2015 $ 12,000.00 USD Uniregistry
    March 2011 $ 10,600.00 USD Sedo auction
    August 2008 $ 10,200.00 USD Moniker
    May 2006 $ 10,002.00 USD SnapNames
    January 2009 $ 10,000.00 USD AfterNIC
    June 2011 $ 9,000.00 USD
    June 2015 $ 9,000.00 USD Uniregistry
    April 2014 $ 8,600.00 USD
    September 2010 $ 8,500.00 USD Sedo
    July 2018 $ 8,100.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    June 2007 € 5,000.00 EUR Sedo auction
    June 2019 $ 6,700.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    June 2013 $ 6,505.00 USD GoDaddy
    September 2010 $ 6,500.00 USD Sedo
    May 2011 $ 6,288.00 USD
    July 2015 $ 6,000.00 USD Sedo
    July 2015 $ 6,000.00 USD Uniregistry
    February 2011 $ 5,800.00 USD
    September 2019 $ 5,230.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    September 2013 $ 5,188.00 USD
    August 2009 $ 5,101.00 USD
    January 2013 $ 5,066.00 USD
    April 2015 $ 5,000.00 USD
    March 2011 $ 5,000.00 USD
    April 2008 $ 5,000.00 USD AfterNIC
    May 2011 $ 5,000.00 USD
    May 2010 $ 5,000.00 USD Sedo
    January 2013 $ 5,000.00 USD
    April 2011 $ 4,900.00 USD
    April 2020 $ 4,888.00 USD BuyDomains
    August 2009 $ 4,750.00 USD Sedo
    July 2020 $ 4,588.00 USD BuyDomains
    June 2020 $ 4,588.00 USD BuyDomains
    June 2020 $ 4,550.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    March 2018 $ 4,500.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    April 2013 $ 4,495.00 USD
    August 2008 $ 4,321.00 USD Sedo
    November 2010 $ 4,309.00 USD
    June 2011 $ 4,300.00 USD
    July 2012 $ 4,288.00 USD
    October 2019 $ 4,288.00 USD BuyDomains
    November 2009 $ 4,188.00 USD
    December 2020 $ 4,150.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    April 2015 $ 4,125.00 USD Uniregistry
    September 2010 $ 4,105.00 USD
    February 2013 $ 4,088.00 USD
    April 2007 $ 4,000.00 USD BuyDomains
    November 2013 $ 4,000.00 USD Sedo auction
    September 2013 $ 3,988.00 USD
    March 2011 $ 3,988.00 USD
    May 2013 $ 3,950.00 USD
    May 2013 $ 3,900.00 USD AfterNIC
    September 2009 $ 3,850.00 USD Sedo auction
    October 2012 $ 3,726.00 USD
    August 2011 $ 3,688.00 USD
    February 2010 $ 3,588.00 USD
    November 2011 $ 3,588.00 USD
    January 2009 $ 3,527.00 USD
    January 2017 $ 3,500.00 USD BuyDomains
    October 2012 $ 3,500.00 USD
    January 2014 $ 3,500.00 USD
    January 2021 $ 3,500.00 USD BuyDomains
    December 2013 $ 3,500.00 USD AfterNIC/GoDaddy
    December 2007 $ 3,500.00 USD Sedo auction
    May 2012 $ 3,500.00 USD
    January 2013 $ 3,409.00 USD
    January 2020 $ 3,388.00 USD BuyDomains
    April 2012 $ 3,388.00 USD
    October 2011 $ 3,388.00 USD
    July 2009 $ 3,300.00 USD SnapNames
    January 2009 $ 3,288.00 USD
    December 2011 $ 3,280.00 USD
    April 2011 $ 3,188.00 USD
    October 2009 $ 3,188.00 USD
    October 2010 $ 3,188.00 USD
    January 2009 $ 3,188.00 USD
    January 2009 $ 3,170.00 USD
    December 2006 $ 3,160.00 USD TDNAM
    April 2016 $ 3,142.00 USD BuyDomains
    October 2008 $ 3,100.00 USD
    April 2008 $ 3,100.00 USD
    April 2012 $ 3,088.00 USD
    December 2010 $ 3,088.00 USD
    September 2009 $ 3,088.00 USD
    January 2020 $ 3,055.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    May 2020 $ 3,049.00 USD GoDaddy auction
    May 2008 $ 3,000.00 USD
    December 2020 $ 3,000.00 USD Sedo
    March 2012 $ 3,000.00 USD
    March 2014 $ 3,000.00 USD GoDaddy
    January 2015 $ 3,000.00 USD
    September 2012 $ 3,000.00 USD
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    Well if it's a matter of "recovering" money, you have to advertise more.
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    Reappraise those prices!!! NOW! I had a quick flick through some of the ones in your list that appeared more promising to me. I can't say I liked any, but they are not in sectors I am interested in. The values I came up with ranged widely from very low to mid-$20k to $30k range. I looked at half a dozen or so in total.

    So don't just mindlessly join the herd of "let's underprice for a quick sale" because those looking for value, rather than cheap, will skip straight over them. Also, read some oft the threads here on NP. Cheap often means scam so buyers don't trust them. And you will need that money for reinvestment.

    And what better advertising can there be than directly contacting suitable purchasing decision makers in companies the domain name is suitable for?

    @Parmeet it appears to me you've done some significant thinking prior to purchasing these domains and as a result you have some excellent candidates for starting your domaining life. In your shoes I'd ignore all of the negative comments in this thread and pat myself on the back for showing some good marketing sense. OK, there may be a few pieces of dross in with your selections but it's a cheap price to pay for great learning materials very early on.

    Marketing as a management discipline is a catch-all title, encompassing planning, strategy, advertising, sales, public relations and more. The keystone is strategy and you've got yourself off to a good start. There are many business sectors, sub-sectors and niches and you have clearly picked out one or two likely to prove profitable for you not just with these names, but in the future as you build up your contact bases of buyers within them.

    The trick is to stay in touch with them if you possibly can. Direct selling, called "outbounding" on here (is that an American term, or is it more modern and I'm just out of touch?), puts you in touch with people so you can get to know at least some of them. The passive sites, mostly, keep you separated from them and the Afternics, DANs, Sedos et al of this world get the marketing benefits of your contacts instead of you. The only one I'm aware of which is transparent in this respect is Epik.

    For outbounding, by the way, set up a deal with an escrow company. Pointless paying commissions to a platform when you've done everything, from finding the prospect to selling the name. You have choices here, such as but DAN and Epik also offer escrow services and there are others. Talk to whichever you wish to go with and ensure you only pay for the escrow, not sales or other commissions.

    On the question of developing sites, the idea is to build an income slowly by occasionally taking one name from the ones you have which you consider to be undervalued by the market and develop it. An income of $10 per month (round figures) pays for 12 renewals per year and offsets some of your domaining costs. If you have 10+ sites after, say, three or four years you are supporting a reasonable number of renewals for very little effort. And $10 per site is a very low estimate. It can be hundreds per month on some sites.

    You also multiply the market saleability and price of each of those names so if you then decide to sell you will make a lot more money on each one.

    Hoping that helps. Good luck and a fair wind to you. Let us know how you get on and do ask if anything isn't clear.
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    Thank You for such a detailed explanation. I am overwhelmed to see people helping out so well on this platform.

    I would like to explain the chronology I went through as it might help the other newbies.

    1.The reason for buying these domain names was that an average name of verb+now is sold in initial to mid $,$$$ (NameBio). I enlisted them on market for high $$$ to initial $,$$$ depending on the verb and domain name length.
    2. I learned after reading NamePros that domain age plays a factor so I thought I completely made a blunder.
    3. I set all the prices to $199 as all of these were hand registered and I would have still able to make profits from these domain names.
    4. I read on NamePros that under pricing your domain name will not display value to the potential clients.
    And this is the main reason for starting this thread to know what is the correct approach.

    I still feel what @Mike Goodman is saying is right, I should have some confidence in my first decision to buy these domain names and back up myself. The factors that I am worried about is exact pricing and Domain age!

    I personally don't believe in automated appraisal tools like GoDaddy and estibot. And initially ordering a professional appraisal is what I cannot afford. So was my approach correct to appraise them with the help of similar names being sold on NameBio?

    @Mike Goodman Do you think domain age will play a part while selling these domain names? And should I Price these domain names back to high $$$ to Initial $,$$$ or even higher?
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    @Parmeet The first thing you should do is to overprice all of those domain names. You can go back and set more realistic prices once you have done the work to set more accurate prices. Do not give them away then discover the mistake. If somebody buys at a high price they at least value their purchase higher than you do. Nobody loses.

    What is domain age about? Put yourself in the shoes of a business owner uneducated in the domaining angles of domain names. My interest as that business owner would be "How will this domain name profit my business as against that domain name or the one I already have?" and I would be very likely, in fact I am 100% certain I would, overlook a 26 year old name if a recently hand reg'd was a better fit for my business strategy and I'd be prepared to pay far more for the recent hand reg than for the aged.

    The arguments are about page rank, backlinks and SEO history, which can count as deciders between two close candidates but have no business value on their own.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, a huge number of domainers emphasise stuff that is utterly irrelevant to the buyers we are looking for and end up in a cycle of selling wholesale to other domainers simply through not even trying to understand the end user's perspective. That is what used to be called flogging a dead horse. Lots of effort for little reward.

    It is also true of speculators in a variety of financial instruments, market traders in real goods and more. There is a deeply held belief in each sector, including domaining, that "this is different to other markets". It is not. It is just another sector of the wider market and in general the same principles apply. There are differences in each sector but they are minimal, not even recognisable unless the people making the distinction have a deep knowledge not only of their own market but one or two others to find the comparisons and contrasts with them.

    First principles of pricing: who is likely to buy this domain? How profitable is the business sector they are in? How competitive is it? Are there other sectors which this name fits and could I get a higher price there? Does it fit the main value criteria such as short, easy to pronounce, pass the radio test, easy to spell etc? Does it have that extra value factor of hard to forget? How can I make them aware that I have the perfect name for their business case? What is the business case and why is it stronger than others?

    For a fist stage introduction, see the issue of DNJournal in which Ron Jackson interviews Mike Mann. IIRC, at the end of it MM talks to his own audience in a training session about pricing, but only touches on the first principles. It's a great introduction but you have to then do your own research and make your own decisions in setting each price.

    I think it was this one, but I haven't checked properly:
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  7. Parmeet

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    @Mike Goodman Thanks a lot! Your detailed explanation is very helpful. I will reset the prices and read the article.
  8. Mike Goodman

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    It's a podcast you listen to. But it's after the end of the interview, Mike Mann speaking on his own. The interview itself was OK but hardly riveting stuff, IMO.
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    I like OvertakeNow also. Like a life coach, or something.. On the lines of but in a rookie sort of way.

    List them all for 199 on Afternic and forget about them..
    Submit overtakenow to Brandbucket and Squadhelp (for 1999) and see if they accept.
  10. Duck_Duck_Domain

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    Our story is like Judva (twins), don't worry dear I have made a bigger mistake than you. My thinking was the same to hold the domains for 3/5 years and they will become gold coin (Pak jata) but that illusion vanished by one noble person and alerted me when he saw I am booking domains left right and center.

    Any ways as said one noble man who has fantastic knowledge about domaining and happens to be a senior member helped me, first of all he stopped me from buying new domains and guided and suggested me to join NP. Also, make aware of a few interesting facts and tricks of the trade.

    When I spend a few days here I immediately realised that I was 99% wrong and he was [is] 100% right.

    Let me explain 99%....when I request to appraise my domains, he selected only 1% domains are worth and that is too Ok kind of domains which may not turn out to be premium domains at any given time.

    Dost [Friend] now for last two days I am giving thought what to do?

    Mostly I will not renew that 99% of domains, to avoid more damage and will mostly not try to sell those domains as on the face of it, nobody is going to buy those domains as per domain industry the smart domainer will never touch domains and for finding the end-user it is also almost impossible to find in one year, in that case, I thought why to waste time and energy where the final result is expected big ZERO!

    Well, please note the above idea is entirely mine, it is up to you only to take your call or stand for what to do, as this is not kind of any idea giving post from any angle.

    I believe in Karma, maybe that amount was not in my fate or God may have a bigger and good plan stored for me.

    Moral of the story we should not jump to anything where we are zero. We just heard that so and so domain sold for multi-million or billion dollars...that’s the case.may be one in million.

    Bro, take your decision with cool head.

    Don’t worry you may have not wasted or lost big amount.

    See you around and take care!

    (Pardon for my English)

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  11. Duck_Duck_Domain

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    Short and sweet idea...!

    Nice one.
  12. novasyd

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    Nah, that is not a mistake.

    Trying to sell these and having success is what makes you a domainer.

    Buying and selling names that everyone wants makes you a simple reseller.
  13. iAdam

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    Actually some of the domains are not bad. I had two domains with a keyword+now, and i sold one for 2.5k and still holding one.

    Instead of hand-registering 40 domains, buy a decent second hand domain. (They are like women, the most beautiful are usually taken).

    Good luck.
  14. NonHipster

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    220 is a great domain name especially during this pandemic. Zoom/Tele med checkups are very popular. If it were our domain, we would price it at $10,000.00 minimum offer and hold tight for an end user. It is valuable.
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  15. NonHipster

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    As usual, Bob is exactly right! is a great domain.
  16. NonHipster

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    220 is perfect for tele med doctor checkups, very nice and valuable domain.
  17. Duck_Duck_Domain

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    Yes, the chance of learning the tricks of the trade.

    But some time spending time, energy and money someone may get discouraged if does not get the desired result...of course it all depend on the nature of the person and lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

    Actually majority of experience persons opinion matters in my the forum and discussion is for that only, and you get the ready made experience from smart and seniors...with logical solutions.

    Pardon me if you don't like my views...

    Good Day!
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    Honestly, this is not a terrible list of domains for hand regs. You are at least on the right track with mainly (2) word .COM.

    I could see a domain like selling to an end user eventually. Some of the real estate ones you might be able to sell to end users directly for $XXX range.

    I would say at least 98% of first registrations are far worse.

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    Recognizing something is a mistake is the first step to recovery
  20. novasyd

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    On this forum, you can find some smart experiences such as apprising a 4L for a reg fee and a few months later invest 2K buying a 4L. (same guy)
    Also, you can find pros that said that costs a reg fee and nobody will gonna use .io in future
    (all these posts are back in years)

    Build your own experience. Trust yourself.

    A mistake is to forget auto-renew options on domains that you gonna drop and being charged. :D
  21. Duck_Duck_Domain

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    Lol, situational comedy or Sutpidity or over smartness?

    Your thoughts are perfect!

    Sharing view of one unknow person, came across...


    "Just pick a goal, a goal you truly want to achieve, and take a clear-eyed look at your weaknesses--not so you'll feel less confident, but so you can determine exactly what you need to work on. Then get to work. Celebrate small successes. Analyze your weaknesses. Keep going. As you gain skill, you'll also gain a feeling of genuine confidence, one that can never be taken away--because you've earned it."

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