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1st Word : TOEIC

- TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) the world’s largest business professional English proficiency test.

- Accepted and trusted by 14,000+ organizations & institutions in more than 160 countries, the TOEIC test has been known as the industry standard for more than 40 years.

- Employers worldwide use the TOEIC test to determine who can communicate effectively in English across borders and cultures with coworkers and clients.

- 6 million test-takers in 2022 and growing.

- Massive interest in global Google search trends. Global term recognition.

2nd Word : Guru

- Smashingly popular branding term that means wise teacher/authority on a subject.

- Is applied to successful brands across multiple industries that include:

Food (,,
Travel (,
Investing (,

Why is it lucrative?

- Potential for branding opportunity in the English Language Learning Market.

- The English Language Learning Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2022 to 2027 to reach $54.92 billion by 2027.

- 1.4 billion people are spending more than $45 billion USD per year to learn English in 2022.

- Over six million people take the TOEIC test every year, across all continents.

- Japan 2.4 million test takers each year. Largest Market.

- Korea second highest in consumer adjacent market. Thousands of TOEIC hagwons (private cram school) exist and thrive solely on the business of prepping students for the TOEIC test.

- Airlines around the world such as AirAsia, Vietnam Air, Korean Air and Air France require high TOEIC proficiency for stewards and stewardesses.

- Each test costs between 75USD to 150USD . The difficulty of the test and the desire to achieve a high score means students often take the test multiple times to achieve their best marks.
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