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Akhil M

Be Loyal To What Matters

Perfect name for web hosting start-ups.
Was previously a website providing web hosting services back in 2009.

Registrar : EPIK
Creation : May 2009
Exp : May, 2023
Mode of transfer : Free direct push to the EPIK account of the highest bidder (the bidder should have an EPIK account ready)

Starting bid : 5 USD
Increments : + 5 USD

Payment option : PayPal

BIN : $20

Auction end : 168 hours after the last bid or at BIN

~ New members and those with zero trade reviews should Paypal first before domain push~

~ Feel free to DM me for BIN/offers/enquiries

~ The auction winner must make the payment within 48hrs. Extension can be requested via DM if there is a valid reason.
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