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Would like to ask how you feel about that. There´re so many good names for Holochain and Hotcoin, and so many for Filecoin / FIL, why they aren´t grabbed and still available like many premiums were 25-30 years ago?
I mean, many of us still remember the Blockchain names thing... hype... and all the sales. Is Holo and Filecoin just a bubble? something not worth investing in? will there come xxxcoin and yyycoin till years´end till the alphabet ends?

Your feelings, and informations about that topic, please!

PS: if you´re asking yourself, what does that guy tellin us here, best names for Holo, Hot and FIL are grabbed all along!
My answer, no dude! Plenty of nice opportunities out there, even for your 7 innocent bucks.
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