Help. Huge Alt Science Domain Sold? Content Gone

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  1. Trevor Lawrence

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    Hello Everyone.
    I need your expertise and advice. was a huge alternative science site and
    its owner Jerry Decker passed away in 2016.
    I assumed the family would maintain the site which
    very important and amazing files dating back to the 90s.
    So I was shocked to fine when I recently visited all
    the files gone.
    First of all I would like to ask if it would be likely to
    recover the files and restore the site if I or someone
    else brought the site.
    Also what can you tell me about the owner?
    It says network solutions is the owner. Does that mean
    it is a private individual who registered through
    Network Solutions or does Network solutions itself
    own it. And why would they delete those files?
    According to whosis the registar is network solutions and
    expiration is in 2021
    owner is
    Registrar IANA ID: 2
    Can you shed any light on this about getting in contact
    with the owner. Is the owner private or the company itself
    and is it likely the files can be restored?
    Many thanks for any info or advice you have

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  2. Truespin Domains

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    There's a difference between the domain and the hosting. Looks like hosting has been suspended, probably due to lack of payment. Files may still exist, but depends on host policies.

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