Have the name of a business that is rather generic, looking for advice.

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    Hey everyone. Looking for some advice. I have a domain that is something like let's say "". There is a business by the name of "Red Rose Shop" who has a domain at something like "".

    This business is in the food industry and uses a 3rd party to manage their site ("powered by" link at the bottom) that takes care of the menu and let's you order online. So it seems they understand the importance of a web presence...they also have the usual Social, Yelp, etc pages.

    So I basically have their business name in dot com. It is a generic term so not something that can easily be trademarked (I searched the TESS database as well).

    Now my issue is, do I approach this business directly as it's probably the best candidate, or option b, do I approach "Red Rose" businesses in general.

    My concern is that the business, while not much ground to stand on as the name is rather generic, might not be too thrilled about this. I don't want to have to deal with any possible legal issues even if I'm in the right. On the other hand, while I am not a lawyer, I'm pretty confident I'm in the clear.

    Anyone run into something similar? How did you handle it? Do you think I should I approach them or just stick to approaching the other businesses, some of which actually have parts of my keyword in their name but not necessarily exact, e.g. there are businesses who have domains such as TheRoseShop (Missing Red).

    Any input appreciated. Thank you!
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    Sounds all generic and they would benefit most did you try parking it and see if they come to you.
  3. m0rtal

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    Not yet. Just picked it up the other day. Maybe I'll put it up for a couple of weeks and see what happens and go from there.
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    It better you develop a lander for it. Going to them may work but also have risk of legal issues against you that you bought the name in bad faith to extort them to pay.

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